I am so excited!

So happy I have decided to try a new type of blog on a new blogger.  I have several ideas.  I just hope I can develop them all in a pleasing way.  My plan is to write every other day.

Tuesday Sorbet:  what ever leads me to find happiness…..like my love for Sorbet.

Fundamental Fridays.  I got this idea from other blogs.  Other blogs call it Alphabet writing A-Z.  There are 26 letters in the alphabet so I hope to write with the alphabet in mind for the next 26 Fridays.

Speechless Sundays.  Photos in whatever categories pop in my head.  No words or explanations, just photos I hope will tell a story or provoke a question.

And maybe a day thrown in to ask a question or two.


I warn you this may not work but I will give my “effort” a kick in the booty weekly maybe I can wake her up one, if not all, of those days.



One thought on “I am so excited!

  1. Good luck on thisnew adventure of yours. I’ve had my blog going fora few weeks now and I’m still trying to figuree out what they heckI am trying to do with it! I suggest reading some helpful articles about how to get more traffic, because I think that’s generally the biggest problem people run into at first.

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