Fundamental Fridays…Abundance of Apples

The first year I arrived on the mountain I was invited to attend the Apple Festival in High Rolls, NM.  The celebration is held every October.  It is a large event with apples everywhere.  Apple pie, Apple sauce, Apple Fritters, an just plain Apples can be looked at, tasted or bought at the Apple Festival in High Rolls.   A cool little store, Old Apple Barn, is located just above or below, depending on which way you are coming, is an awesome little store.  They have just about everything.  Make sure you stop in and say Hi! to Bill, Bev and their son Hunter, tell ’em Lifeisabowlofkibble sent you.  This years APPLE FEST IS OCT 15 and 16th.


2 thoughts on “Fundamental Fridays…Abundance of Apples

  1. I would really enjoy attending an apple festival…I can imagine that the colors and aromas would be delicious…there are no apple farms in our area…too hot.

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