Silent Sundays – Once Upon A Time


6 thoughts on “Silent Sundays – Once Upon A Time

  1. Oh wow, I really enjoyed this post. The bench around the tree is something you would never be able to buy new anymore.. people simply under appreciate silence and time spent in nature. These pictures remind me of a time long forgotten:)

    Is there a story behind this place? Where is it?

    • I now live in the Sacramento Mountains and there is so much “Once upon a time” up here, you just would not believe it. Old barns, old abandoned cow corrals, cemeteries and way old churches. I had such a hard time deciding what to include. I can’t believe you like my photos. I feel so honored. Oh about the bench, I still see them in cemeteries. My husband and I always visit Zoo’s and Cemeteries when we go somewhere new. Sounds weird I know (he is a weird kind of dude)

    • Thank you. I wanted to feature some of my village. It is pretty much all I know these days. HA. I dropped in on your site. LOVE the photos. I started a new photo blog because I am not secure enough in my photography skills. I want to take a class before bring them back to the Kibble blog. I would love, love to take photos as well as you.

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