Whacked out Wednesday: Been a Bad Bad Day

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”
William Walsh

I read this today.  It gave me pause and an audible hmm.  I thought it was quite ironic because the first thing that hit me this morning was a sore throat, then cold shower,  hair  NOT making nice was quick to follow.  I ran out of makeup on the left side of my face, could not find my bra, and NO sugar for my coffee.  I get to work only to find that IRS has sent me a nasty little notice.  I mean really people, have they not anything better to do?  I ordered a sandwich for breakfast.  About half way through, I discovered mold!  Ah yes the joys of imperfections!!!!!!!!! NOT!  However,  I turned my effort on and switch to a new channel  to try to  “look beyond”.

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”
William Walsh

Salt water gargle and 4 Motrin later … sore throat gone.

Cold water shower…..did not even get in.  A wash rag and deodorant.  I truly feel sorry for the people I stand near today, but there was just no amount of looking beyond for this one. Temp this morning was 49 degrees.

Hair not making nice….  Brushed it backward, hair sprayed all the wiry parts down.  (hard as a helmet)  Haaaa Haaaa, I am still laughing at that person staring back at me in the mirror.  Thank goodness I am old, otherwise, I would seriously care and have to called in sick.

Makeup…. Who needs stinking makeup.  ME! (I said old, not dead!) I decided to keep the one sided made up face and only approach people from the right.  Goofy?  Yes, but I just keep reminding myself,  “happiness is not having perfection it is looking bey….,  yeah right.  But I am keeping the one side approach anyway and keep on moving on.

Bra….. This, my friends, is the saddest of all sit-chu-ta-shions.  Oh yes, this one almost made me crawl right back in to bed.  Have I said I am old?  Why yes, I think I have mentioned it a time or two.  Ladies, we all know what happens as we age.  Traveling south becomes a way of life, a direction that we fight like a dirty cat to water.  But no matter how far we stretch our arms out to catch the proverbial sides of the bathroom entrance, we eventually arrive kicking and screaming the whole way…….. south ………with Santa.  HA.  Nope, he is North with the Nip and Tuck group.  However, I throw on a hot but large sweat shirt this morning, which helped to complete the total package.  Picture- summer time, runny nose, helmet head, commercial for wrinkle free make up on one side only, boobies down to the naval (okay, beyond..whatever) , sweatshirt old lady.  Yep, that is right, I am the rather nasty visual I just implanted in your head.  UGH!

No sugar – none for my coffee and none from my hubs who just saw the same visual as you did, but in the flesh.  UGH, UGH.  He hands me a packet of hot chocolate mix and a can of cool whip to doctor the coffee with and promptly leaves without a word.  Not bad, on both his actions.

IRS- hmmmmmm, this one may prove to be the toughest of all to “look beyond”.  I am tackling this one head on.

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”
William Walsh

Breakfast sandwich, breakfast sandwich, I am starving.  I have had a bad start and you, you just added the cherrr.., nope, the mold on top.    “look beyond the imperfections”  hmmm.  I dismantled and removed everything that was left, through the moldy English Muffin part away and ate the remaining bacon and egg.

Hey, none of that UUUUUUGGGGHH from you.  This is my morning and I am looking beyond.



6 thoughts on “Whacked out Wednesday: Been a Bad Bad Day

  1. I’m going to write that quote on my inspiration mirror…once I get it set up. So I guess what I need to “look beyond” is the fact that I will never be fully domesticated.

    Also, I like your writing style. Reading this blog is way more fun than cleaning…


    • Hey Rita, A much better day today. About every 3 months I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Yesterday was that day for me. All was better this morning. I had sugar, hot water, hair was cooperating, replenished makeup, found a bra YIPEEEEE! and took care of IRS. All is well again in my abode.
      Hey, I enjoyed and could relate to your Google map story. I wish we would have had this tool about 19 years ago.

  2. now that was one for the books…but you looked beyond, I would have called in sick or if I had gone in they would have assumed I was contagious and sent me packing as they disinfected my work statiion.

  3. Jeanne, I wanted to call in so very bad but I have to be there no matter what. I manage a little store and the owner is completely dependent on me. 😦 My curse in life is taking responsibly way too seriously. The only thing I have ever missed work for was kids doctors appointments and their recoup time. Family always comes first. I think that quote and this blog was the only thing that got me through the day. So happy it is over.
    Thanks for the photo ping. I love, love your photo. I remembered the place right off the bat. I lived along the coast for 12 years before I moved here. I miss it so much, not the no-see-ums or gators but everything else.

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