Fundamental Fridays – Dessert

The above is an entry I put on my facebook a few days ago.  I am so happy I was able to go see my hub’s grandma.  I had wanted to go to the home for a quite awhile.  Unfortunately, she is unable to communicate any longer.  She can not move any part of her body except her eyes and mouth.   However, those eyes speak volumes.

She has always had a serious sweet tooth and chocolate is her favorite.  When I left that night I decided the next time I go to see her I was going to bring her a chocolate dessert.  I had no idea if I could do it or not.  Was she on a restrictive diet?  I knew she didn’t have diabetes. And I knew she would enjoy her absolute favorite dessert immensely.  Two weeks later, I hid a chocolate frosty in my purse, shut the door to her room and feed it to her.  I got the biggest smile from her.  To me, she still remains a most beautiful woman.

As I was leaving, I adjusted her roomy’s pillow and got her glasses so she could see the news.  I also ran into the little lady with the bling.  Well, she ran into me as I was coming out of the room.  We chatted a bit.  She had no idea what she was talking about but she was so enthusiastic about it, ?, I just could not stop her so I grinned when she grinned and laughed when she laughed.

The one thing I took away with me that night is although we all age our fortitude is one thing we can take with us, if we choose to bring it.  And never let ageing take away your bling!

Next week’s dessert will be a chocolate coffee surprise.


11 thoughts on “Fundamental Fridays – Dessert

  1. Ah! You’re too much fun. It’s odd how sometimes a chocolate frosty can mean the world to us, though. Stories like this make me stop and think about how much I get to do (and eat!) every day. Have fun on your chocolate adventure:)

  2. Mary, I was dodging all the nurses in the place. I kept thinking any second I was going to get busted and thrown out or they would call the police and I would be hauled off. It was hair raising but I had to get it to her. After all, I promised.

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