aMusing Mondays – A Sticky Situation

Recently I purchased an iPhone.  I love it, LOVE IT.  Hubs bought a very fine case for it.  It is nice but really it is more his taste than mine.  I love the bling and this case did not fit the bill at all.  We took a family trip to El Paso to find a more appropriate case for my iphone.  There was a little kiosk that had hundreds of cases but only a few special ones.  I saw two that caught my eye.   One was a flashy pink and purple number the other a pink Playboy Bunny case  no bling.  I bought them both and we headed home.  The next day my girlfriend and I went to pick up some Swarovski Crystals in the big city of Las Cruces.  A few nights later my husband ordered a movie and was totally immersed in it.  I thought this would be a good night to decorate the bunny case with the new crystals.  I pulled out my trusty craft table, all my crystals, the glue and settled in for a night of creativity……

I was having trouble getting the tiny crystals on with the right amount of glue.  For some reason, it was gushing out without me squeezing it.    Finally, the glue had found its happy place and decided to cooperate.  I was down to the last crystal when disaster struck!  The glue made a bubble and exploded on the side of the case.  The crystal was covered in super glue and was slipping off heading for the floor.  I did not want it to hit my hardwood floor in fear of it sticking and leaving a nasty spot so….. I stopped it with my lip.  Have you ever had Super Glue on your lip?  Let me tell you, it is scary!   Instantly my lip began to dry out.  As in, it shriveled UP with the crystal attached.  I stuck my tongue to my lip out of instinct… I guess.


I quickly discovered my tongue was glued to my lip and FRONT teeth.  Sheer panic will engulf your body when you realize your tongue is stuck to your front teeth!    I opened my mouth to free my tongue.  It worked but not without taking a little piece of my lip with it.  I thought I was in the clear and started to ask Hub if he  ever  had super glue on his skin. OMG!  There was still active glue on my lips and when they touched, they sealed shut!  You need only imagine what this looked like.  I mean look at what it does to  fingers.  I was grateful Hub was deeply involved in his movie.  I was also very fortunate that the glue had sealed my mouth shut before I called attention to myself.  I wiggled my finger in the side of my mouth and slowly pried my lips apart.  I was in shock.  I sat with my mouth wide open and prayed that the glue would hurry up and dry.  All I felt was shrivel, shrivel, shrivel.

I was silent for about 15 minutes.  In part, to keep all the fresh glue areas from touching each other and sticking again.  The other part, I didn’t want my husband to get wind of what I just did.  So, while I sat there with my mouth wide open waiting for the glue to dry, I hid behind the newspaper praying he did not ask me a question or want to talk about what just happened on the movie.  It did not take long until I was secretly peeling it off.  Trying to get the glue off without taking your skin with it is tough, very tough.  My advice… keep all glues away from your face.  And if you do get it in your mouth, let it dry before you talk and don’t tell your spouse.  I have a feeling he will never let you live it down.  Thank goodness my spouse does not read this blog!


23 thoughts on “aMusing Mondays – A Sticky Situation

  1. Dear Birdie,
    just a few short words in response to your long tale of woe.

    You silly ‘apeth! Fancy getting super glue on your lips, it really is quite funny but it could have been very serious.
    Your husband would have had a very quiet life for a few days..just imagine not being able to speak or answer back. Oh my, that would be a disaster!.
    So I do agree with your last few sentences, keep glue away from face, fingers and any sticks like glue!

    But I loved the post it made me laugh!

    • Hey Patrecia, Hubs gets a break from my non stop rattling next month. Since I was 10 years old, I have always come down with a case of Laryngitis in Oct. Sometimes it is a whisper and other times it is nothing at all, nota, not – a – word. Needless to say, his favorite time of the year is OCTOBER.

  2. They are good and nice and crunchy. We got ours at SAMS club, but you might be able to order them from that web link. I really love snacks though, and I was surprised when I realized they were gluten free.

    • Hi Mindslam! So nice to see you here. I was far, far more afraid of my Hubs finding out what I did. He used to think he was married to the smartest women he knew and would tell me that often. Then he got wind of my other blog and realized he married a ditzy, as he puts it, dingbat. I have stopped posting on that site in hopes that he will forget what has been burned into his frontal lobe and try to appear smart again when I am around him. 😉 Oh I have since found out that nail polish remover will do the trick. Now I have to start growing my nails…just in case.

    • Speaketh, I strongly advise against it. However, if you ever do glue your lips together, I will then feel comfortable in calling you by your full name, TheIdiotSpeaketh. teehee
      I have another stupid move I wrote about but I am trying to get the nerve to post it on here. It is the one Hubs called me a dingbat over.

    • The crystal was the very last thing to come off. It was not one of those tiny little adorable crystal’s. It was a great big honkin’ in your face crystal…(in my face crystal) I must have sucked on that thing for 30 minutes to get it off. Now I know to use nail polish remover. But IT will never happen again.

    • oooooohh laa, laa, Hobbler! I have such mixed emotions. I love it and am honored that you would think of me. Then, at the same time, I am stressed over it. So much pressure 🙂 Never got all this attention on my old blog site. Thank you sweetness.

  3. Hahaha! Out of curiosity I crazy glued my hand to a basketball once when younger!!!!! I was in a rage of panic then, I can’t even imagine had I glued my mouth completely shut how I would have felt. 😦 So sorry, but too funny!!!! Thanks for the laughs this morning.

  4. Wonderfully funny for your readers, glad it was not worse for you. I once threated to glue my hubby’s lip closed while he slept so he would have to go to the ER and explain why it happened (he cursed me). Glad to know it works. 😉

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