aMusing Mondays: Waterfall?

Last summer the weathercaster promised a meteor shower. A meteor shower in itself is not uncommon to see up here in the mountains. What made this time different was my daughter’s cousin was visiting for the summer. Living in a big city he had never seen anything other than the moon and a hand full of stars in the sky. I was hoping this could be an experience that he would carry with him long into his adulthood.

We waited until late in the evening then went to the backyard to watch the show.  Living in the Lincoln National Forest has a way of limiting your view of the sky, as in way too many trees.  So, we took a couple of throw blankets, jumped in the car and headed toward the highway to find a better spot. We found that space at the end of our lot. We parked and rolled down the windows. Out the windows the kids plopped landing on the roof and hood. Apparently, it was a new moon because there was NO moon light anywhere. I held my hand up in front of my face and I could not see it.  To say it was dark, would be an understatement. On occasion a car would come by and we could get our bearings as to where we were and what was around us.

As we settled down, it got quiet, eerily quiet. A car passed and we noticed a few flying creatures. After a brief discussion we determined they had to be bats. “That’s cool, bat’s are awesome.  They fly so funny.  I like those vampire bats the best.  Yeah they suck blood!”, were just a few of the comments the kids made.  Then silence as we sat waiting on the show…in the dark.  Somewhere in the distance we heard a coyote howling.  Minutes later another one answers then the stillness filled in the moment.  In the quiet darkness, my mind started thinking about those bats with their big fangs and bloody mouths.   Apparently, I was not the only one thinking about them because all three of us found different reasons to sit in the car until we could see the meteors. Sp Sp Spooky.

Shortly there after, the show began and we jumped out to watch. It was not the best shower I had ever seen but it was awesome for the kids. I would hear lots of ooohhs and aaaahhs as they shot across the sky. In between the showers, it would become quiet again and the thought of the bats would return. In the dark you could hear the rearranging of bodies. Our finale viewing spot was the car door windows half in half out…you know, just in case.

We were sitting there waiting on the next shooting star and I was thinking what a great night it was turning out to be. Soon I heard cousin say he heard a waterfall. I think WHAT? We have very little  water up here on the mountain much less a waterfall anywhere around us.  Daughter and I are racking our brains to remember where there might be water in our neighborhood. There is no mistaking the sound of running water and we all heard falling water. We listened for a bit then it hits me. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!. I could not stop laughing long enough to tell them what it was. Finally, a car comes by and I show them what was making the noise. That waterfall…. was the horse across the highway with bladder issues which went on and on and on. We all started laughing uncontrollably. Then cousin said lets go home I got to make a waterfall too.

Oh and that memory I was hoping to make was not exactly the one that I was wishing for, but it has been forever etched in our minds. Tee Hee. It did turn out to be one of the best nights ever.


15 thoughts on “aMusing Mondays: Waterfall?

    • The first time I looked at the sky at night here I thought I had way too much to drink and I had nothing to drink all day. It looked like a cartoon with thousand upon thousand of stars beaming down at me. An amazing sight. BTW our village has a lights out ordinance starting at 8:pm nightly. Town can not have any neon lights at all. It is cool.

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  2. I saw once a meteor shower so long time ago. I was so beautiful, almost like God opened the heavens and he gave me a peek of the excitement it has to offer. Beautiful post that brings about fun and excitement. Take care.

    • Thank you Traveler. I moved here back in 2003. Three night after settling in I was awoken by flashing lights. I jumped up out of bed to a spectacular meteor show. I have not seen any thing like it since just the small ones like I wrote about. You are so right it it like opening up the heavens.

  3. Cloudcroft is beautiful. My hubby and I went to the old hotel there for his birthday in 2005. The altitude was almost too much for us sea level dwellers. Great post, I love meteor showers and stories about them!

    • Rita, are you kidding me? I wish we would have know each other then. Did you ever check out the little retail shops in town? I owned a t-shirt shop and a dog boutique back in 2005 off the main road. Just think we may have met each other in person. 🙂

  4. I don’t remember much of the town. We were only there one night and the altitude zapped all our energy. We were on our way to Sante Fe. My hubby got a thrill from the haunted hotel. It is a nice memory what little bit there is. lol

    • Yep, we are pretty high…some more than others but that is a different story. Town is about 9,000 ft. I live around 8,000. The first time I was here I became so sick. The next time I was better then it felt normal. If you get back this way, you must let me know.

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