Whacked out Wednesdays: Mooooove on Buddy!

I sort of hate to write on Wednesdays because that is my ‘can you believe it day’ or ‘vent day’ or ‘ whacked out day’  whatever you want to call it it seems so unbecoming of me.  But I must face facts, I am only human and I get peeved just as easily and as often as the next human so here is my vent Surprise of the week.   Here’s to hoping I have very few Wednesday post.

There were a couple of reasons I moved to the mountain. One- it is my hubs home and two- I wanted a great place to raise my child. One added bonus that I did not even consider was the anger free commute to work. In the city it was always stop go, stop go accompanied by several angry honks followed by a few shout outs (the obscene type of course) and on more than one occasion the birdy salutes would fly towards me left and right. The bad thing is I had nothing to do with the traffic jams 20% of the time, but I got the salutes anyway.

I had compulsive dorfenbergerthalamus when I was living in the city. It was only heightened by the fact that I knew I would be stuck in traffic and I HAD to be at work before anyone else. I don’t know why… I just did.  I had been cursed with it since High School but now those days are slowly fading. People up here live on mountain time. There is nothing, NOTHING, that opens before 10:00 even if there is a line to get in… restaurants, bar (notice no ‘s’ on the end of bar) and gas station excluded. The streets fold up at 5:pm sharp, except restaurants (they close at 7:pm), bar (closes whenever) and THE only gas station (open 24 hours). Heck, we don’t even have a traffic light of any kind we have yield signs at least that is what most people think our stop signs are. There is very little action in this town so you could imagine my surprise when on my way to a girls day out hiking trip I ran into trouble.

It was early afternoon and we decided our hike would be at Bluff Springs. Bluff Springs is about 45 minutes out of town way back in the mountain. It is beautiful back there. No sounds only nature at its best. We turn off the highway and start the long trek toward our destination. We did not get far when I heard honking and the occasional shout outs. I found myself in a TRAFFIC JAM out in the middle of nowhere. I could count at least 9 cars on my end and more behind me. Who knew this road got so much traffic? I could barely make out the oncoming cars on the uphill side of the road. What in the world could have happened? A wreck. It had to be a wreck. I mean what else would it be on a dirt road with a speed limit of 10 miles per hour? Oh well, stranger things have happened. My dorfenbergerthalamus urges were at bay. I mean the first three cars ahead of me were my hiking buddy’s so there was no reason to be in a hurry. I waited. More and more time passed and we still sat there. WHAT IN THE WORLD? The city girl in me wanted to get out and walk the half mile or so to find out but I sat tight. Finally we started to move. Hallelujah! Slowly we inched up. As I turned the bend, I saw what was jamming up my day. Round up, yep, a round up was happening right on the road. Cows were everywhere. OMGosh only in New Mexico!

The back road I was on. See what I mean? Who would ever expect a traffic jam on this road?

As I turned the bend this is what I saw. A friging cow convention. COWS

Finally a break in the herd.

Spooky, aren’t cows a little unpredictable?

AY CARAMBA! What big horns you have.

Hey! how did that get in there????

Ahh! This is more like it. A few of my hiking buddies.  As you can see, we had a few little ones with us. All in all, we ended with a great hike and a story.


21 thoughts on “Whacked out Wednesdays: Mooooove on Buddy!

  1. Pesky cows! I got caught in a similar herd coming down a mountain in Australia last year, don’t they read the highway code?

    My dad got caught in one in the UK, driving to work along the coast road at 5am and the cows were heading off for breakfast, sadly a juggernaut came from round the bend and hit the herd, one went through the passenger side of my dad’s car. Lucky escape for my dad but not so for the cow.

    Beautiful scenery in your snaps

    • Oh my gosh! Your dad is a lucky man. We normally don’t run over cows up here on the mountain but we do hit elk and on occasion deer, bear or mountain lion. Mountain lions are very rare. One time a tourist was driving through town and an elk jumped in front of her. It ended up in the passenger’s side of the car. It too came through the windshield. She lived it, sadly, the elk did not.

  2. We have that problem here in the city, but not with cows. Usually it’s ducks or geese, with little babies in tow. You’ve gotta stop and enjoy. By the way, I love the pic of the lady in the pink dress. That is tooooo funny! Did she go on the hike?

  3. What a great story with an amazing sense of humor. I don’t like the city too. Traffic, congestion, ” I don’t care” attitude , pollution, etc. life is more than hustle and bustle. We need to breathe and really appreciate nature around us. As for the small road…. It can get traffic when its blocked by something… But the good news is, you had an amazing time with great company. Best wishes…

    • Thank you Traveler. There are some good things about cities: the shopping, the theater, the shopping, the restaurants, and the shopping but to get to all that you have to go through a lot of honking and waiting. I think I like the mountains better.

    • Howdy Aimee, My son always has big women on his facebook profile. (I don’t know why) I captured this one for him. When I was retrieving photos I accidentally popped this one in. I was going to take it out but it made me laugh. I thought maybe others will find the humor in it too.

  4. The way you tell a story just sucks me right in. I was on the edge of my seat wondering what in the hell could be around the bend. But cows?! I wasn’t prepared for that one. And that random photo had me spitting out my coffee–thanks for that! I love your sense of humor.

    We have a huge moose problem here. I hit a moose once in my little Ford Festiva car going 55 mph. It was about 15 years ago when I came around a turn on a country road at 9 pm and I hit it. It totaled my car, but thankfully didn’t go through my windshield or I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this out to you right now. I was lucky. The moose wasn’t.

  5. Mooses? What part of the country do you live? Are Moose larger than elk? I could not imagine hitting anything bigger than a coon and I drive a large SUV and a truck. I am scared to death I am going to hit something bigger than me on these back mountain roads. That is why I always carry scissors. 🙂 Everyone should.

    • The moose I hit was (thankfully) a female. Still about as big as a horse. Actually, that is what I thought I had hit at first, as it was pitch dark . All I could see was the moose’s behind hitting the front of my car. (how’s that for a visual?) It was standing in the middle of the road doing God knows what. I can barely kill a fly, so knowing I killed a poor moose was hard for me. And yes, I was born in Maine and lived here most of my life. Moose are a common sighting here. But I still can’t drive at night, gives me the creeps now.

      • I never knew Moose were in Main. Hubs was stationed there back in 1994-1995. I never officially moved there but I was there for months at a time. I never saw one. Oh my goodness, that would have been a highlight in my life. Dang foiled again.

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