Fundamental Fridays: How Long

How long?

How long does it take to vent?

At this very moment I can’t remember what in the heck I was venting about but I DO KNOW how long it took because Hubs pointed it out.  3. 7 minutes.  Yep that is right it only took 3.7 minuets to get my point across…..or to run out of gripe.  Dang it.  What was I venting about?  I can’t remember but at the time it was pertinent…I think.

You may ask how I know for certain that is was exactly 3.7 minutes.  Because after several heated discussions of how Hubs never listens to me anymore, he has started pausing the TV to listen to me.


Yes a husband that is trying and trying hard.

Okay, I had an entire post on this but I hooked up my Bose and plugged in my Playlist then everything became a blur.  The white wine with fish tonight did not help (bottle) to keep my train of thought in line.

Where are the blogging Police when you need them?

Sorry, this is all I got for a Fundamental Friday.

I guess fundamental I need a freedom to vent  that only Fish Almondine and White wine can bring .

Happy Friday all.


12 thoughts on “Fundamental Fridays: How Long

  1. Does he pause sports? Now that would be a whole level of “trying” I believe unattainable to the male of the species.

    I’d say he’s pretty lucky you can vent in under 4 minutes. I’m more a Icelandic volcano venter myself.

    Nice to meet you. How do you prefer to be addressed?

    • Lucky me he rarely watches sports. He will watch a Cowboy game but even then he will pause it. Especially if he feels this is going to be one of those times a pop quiz will follow. I normally never vent about him to him. I mainly vent about the News both local and world. Nice to meet you too. I enjoyed reading your blog. How to be addressed well… my given name is Ruthie but since I have been managing a bird store for, well lets just say a while now, most people just call me Birdy while others call me Kibble. I even get called Kibble in my little village, which I find very strange.

  2. That dinner sounds delish! Can we come for dinner soon? You know, a virtual dinner. LOL! I love your blog lady.
    Finally, I’m working on catching up after a hectic workshop week again. 🙂

  3. Instead of the Blogging Police, maybe try Blogging to The Police. I mean you’ve got the Bose hooked up and all…

    I hand my wife the remote when she gets bent. If it’s something I need to hear, she’ll mute the tv.

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