aMusing Mondays: A Wicked Sense of Humor


When we moved here years ago I was totally shocked at the size of these birds up here. I thought they were giant crows that were involved in some type of nuclear fall out. I can only guess their weight but I would guesstimate an average of 20 lbs…some larger some smaller but all huge! I was told later on they were Common Ravens. Shoot, there is NOTHING common about those birds as far as I am concerned. In the last few years I have come to believe the Common Raven must have a sense of humor. Last winter, one Raven that hangs out at the top of my backyard Pines got a big chuckle when he witnessed my dogs’ surprise of the first snow of 2010.

Every morning my dogs have a ritual, which consists of, CAN’T WAIT TO GET OUT THE DOOR AND BARK MY BRAINS OUT! Pacing, pacing can’t wait. They run as FAST as they can, down a 45ft porch and jump off the end with an attitude that should scare even the meanest of squirrels! Then turn with a puffed out chest to look at the door to see if anyone was watching. They are proud beasts, my Mutt and Jeff.

This morning was a tad bit different. Can’t wait, Can’t wait! (the same) Ready set GO (the same)….run, run, run (the same)… the little one (7 lbs Jeff) gets to the end of the porch first but things are DIFFERENT! White stuff.  EVERYWHERE! He puts on the brakes right as he gets to the end of the porch…..PLONK! He flew off alright but not in the manner he was accustomed to. Pride was…………GONE.

The BIG one (70+ lb, Mutt) was hot on his trail. There was no way that little one was going to beat her. Her mind quickly changed as she watched him fly then land hard in the snow. She tried with everything she had to stop. Too late, the snow and ice started about 15 ft from the end and she was already in it. BRAKE, BRAKE, BRAKE, you could just see her mind yelling it and her eyes pleading it. She did manage to slow down a little bit before the big finish, which lead to an agonizing slow motion crash. She felt ever step she hit as she was going down. The little one watched at first with horror and moved out of the way before she squished him. Then he appeared to be basking in pure joy of  seeing the big dog epically fail. Both of them got up. No barking, no looking back with pride……..they did their business and came back to their nice warm beds to lick their proverbial wounds.

After witnessing this comic relief, I walked back to the den.  It is then I noticed there was not only the one Raven at the top of the tree, there were now about five or six Ravens clucking and chuckling like little hens. I guess the one at the top called for the others to watch the morning entertainment. Yep, I think the Common Ravens have a wicked sense of humor.

Note: To all concerned, it is 8:10 on Sunday night.  I have this scheduled for publish on Monday .  So far so good. My tummy ache went away, no headache and everyone in the house is doing well.  I think I am in the clear….we are in the clear.    On a serious note,  I really was scared and I do appreciate any prays that were prayed for us.  That was some pretty heavy guilt.  Thank you my friends


27 thoughts on “aMusing Mondays: A Wicked Sense of Humor

  1. Glad that you are feeling better. Denise of Adeeyoyo has also been unwell with 48 hr flu, maybe it is catching!

    I loved your story about the dogs. Our five dogs do that every morning, go out for a wee, and bark bark bark,…but there is nothing there.

    I reckon those Ravens of yours look similar to the ones a the Tower of London. They say that if the Ravens leave the Tower , london will fall !

    • Hubs says it was a virus of some sort. All I know is that I am glad we are okay.
      That “barking with nothing there” must be a requirement to be a dog.
      I’ve not seen the Ravens at the Tower of London but it sounds a bit spooky. I am going to see if I can find some photos on Google.

  2. We didn’t have snow last year, but I can’t wait to see what my little monster likes of it. Dogs are such funny people. We have Blue Jays . . . wicked, evil, sadistic Blue Jays. These brazen bullies will even attack the cats given the opportunity. I have more than once fend them off myself.

    I saw you were still responding to comments on your “Buttercup” post this morning and am most relieved you will be with us for what I hope will be a very long time. I can’t believe you could write with such humor during what could only have been a nightmare.

    • ooooo We have Steller Jays up here. If you have not seen one, you must google it. They are huge. Not as large as our Ravens but they make Blue Jays look like finches. They are the bullies of the bird world up here too.

      As far as the nightmare, I tend to write that way in order to trick my brain into thinking it is a funny and non threatening event. It almost never works but I still try.

    • No No not Alaska I live in the Lincoln National Forest near Cloudcroft NM. It totally reminds me of the show Northern Exposure. It is tiny, 700 people, hence the title Village instead of town. We are about 9000 ft ASL and at the base of one side of the mountain is the Apache Indiana Reservation. Lots of folk lore around these parts.

  3. We have the ravens and jays here too. Years ago I had two kittens who didn’t know any better and climbed a tree trying to catch a jay. Before I knew it there were about thirty jays hanging around that tree laughing at the kittens.

  4. Loved the story – I no longer feel weird when the giant black birds come to eat left over bread or Cheetos from my driveway. I tend to lure them there just so I can see the big birds clamoring around fighting for Cheetos’s (which seem to be their favorite)
    Glad you are feeling better. I have already been down the garlic road and have the tendency to scream at Sadie if she leaves the garlic on the counter instead of super quickly putting back in the frig. She just doesn’t understand the dangers of “garlic” or warm “Mayonnaise” yet. I always use a clean utensil to retrieve from jar even if I just used it because I have that fear of “garlic contamination” which will eventually lead to my family’s demise. Alliumphobia, is the fear of garlic, albeit referring to vampires, and aside from the fact we eat it almost every day. I pray that my garlic will forever be safe for consumption.

  5. Glad you are doing well and enjoying time with the dogs. Do you have that much snow where you are? those photos of the ravens are terrific. Here’s to your continued recovery. 😉

  6. I wish I could do that with my dog. He would love to run out the door and jump off the porch at a descent that would scare scquirrels. Thanks for sharing your funny tale. I hope your dogs have recovered their ego and that you are feeling better.

  7. Glad you survived the garlic fiasco! Your story made me think of our fuzzy white persian cat, Thelma. We hardly ever get snow where I live, so it freaks the cats out. Thelma loves to stalk things in the back yard, but she’s so fuzzy, bright and white, she sticks out like a sore thumb. I swear the birds get extra close just to tease her. But when it snows, she would be in great camoflage, but will she go outside then? No way!

    • That is so funny. Cats do have a different take on snow. It must be the cold paws. 😉
      The funny thing is about the GI (garlic incident) I did not get any sicker from that but I did get a cold and it has kicked my booty for the last 3 day. I was so bad I never turned on my computer. Better to day and back at work. Thank for caring.

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