7 x 7 Award

I have received the 7×7 Link Award.    An honor I so humbly accept.  Thank you Miss Demure Restraint for finding me worthy enough.

It is so funny because it came on a day I was feeling blue and very, very sorry for myself.  I want to believe she made that decision before she bopped over to my blog and saw my pity party.  She tells  me it was given because she enjoys my blog.  This is a good thing.  I would hate to think it was because I was whining.   I want to take a second and tell everyone that commented on the temporary post of pity “Women over 50”, that I value each and every suggestion.  Your advice will not go unheeded.  Thank you so much for reaching out to me with all of your kindness.  It touched my heart in ways I have no words for.  I awoke with a feeling of hope and determination this morning.   Okay enough of that, on with the AWARD.

Here’s how this works.   The awarded selects seven of their own previous blog posts that represent certain categories: Most Beautiful, Most Helpful, Most Popular, Most Controversial, Most Surprisingly Successful, Most Underrated, Most Prideworthy, and then you pass the award along to seven new recipients.  This is somewhat baffling to me.  These categories  would be so much easier if they were something like: most stupid, most ridiculous, most forgettable, most ridiculous… etc.  But now I have to think.  If you read my blog, you know that thinking is not my strong point. Now, how in the world am I going to make these crazy snippets of my life fit these categories?

Well, here we go.  Remember to put on your imagination caps and try to see how I made these square stories fit into these round categories.

Most Beautiful –  I think that would have to be the time I photographed the King Bird and her babies.    Right before my eyes I watched a story of motherly love.  I did not set out to blog them it just came together that way.  I felt a needed to put it out there.  It is amazing to realize that in the  animal kingdom and the human world… Moms are the same across the board.  They love and let go like all mothers do.   Remember to open the Youtube page for the music as you read.  It is a must for the full effect.

Most Helpful –  This is tricky.  A lot of my post are of the stupid things I do.  I suppose you could take a lesson of what not to do from most of them. I am sure that would be most helpful to you.   But I did post one regarding a list of foods that are poisonous to dogs.  There are things on the list that surprised the heck out of me.  Many of the foods are in abundance during the holidays.  I was told by our vet that she sees an increase of pets right after the holidays.  So I hope this list will be helpful.

Most Popular – Oh lawd,  If I were to go by comments, there are two that are neck and neck.  Between the two, I think I will choose Legs,,,long, long, legs.  I just posted this on the 26th but man it received a ton of hits. It has to be the tags.  Something got them here and I would love to duplicate it.  HA.      WARNING!  If you hate creepy things DON’T READ IT.

Most Controversial –This one leaves no doubt.  Buckle up Buttercup it is Going to Get Ruff, I received a couple of few emails explaining how this post is causing undo panic and my internet information was incorrect. How dare I insult cooks around the world…. hmmmm.  I also had a comment that was along the same line, which I gladly approved.  I welcome comments good or bad.  I was once known as the Queen of Discontent.  NO, NO, NO, I was not discontented.  It was the position I held at my job. I was a CS and Complaints manager.  I loved, loved trying to satisfy the nuts discontented people who walked through my doors.  And that is really the truth I loved that job.  This is also the one Ms. D loves.

Most Surprisingly Successful –  Now this story is successful in the way of proving a hypothesis to be plausible in true Myth Buster style.  It did not get a lot of hits but it was one of the most memorable and successful experiments in my life.  MacGruber would be proud.   Wow, IT ITS TRUE. 

Most Underrated – This one was the 4th post I ever posted.  It is Rita’s favorite.  I know this because she featured it on her blog under Salute to Subscribers.  I admire Rita’s command of the English language so for her to call this her favorite makes me think this one might be underratted.  AND this was one of the scariest times in my life.  Oh My, Hurry Hurry Honey.

Most Prideworthy –Well you will have to indulge me on this one.  In my mind, there is nothing pride worthy about my ability to write stories regarding the less than smart things I do.  My Pride lies with my love for my family.  “The Litter Mates”, which can be found on the button bar,  has a page devoted to each member of this family. ( I think I need to change the name of this page to The Pack. I mean litter mates  sounds so sibling like)   Anyway, they are my pride and joy.  I would, however,  like to call attention to Daughter.  She is a remarkable young person and it defiantly worthy of the read.  The Daughter

So now all I have left to do is forward this award to seven bloggers I think deserve it.  Here are the seven blogs I chose:

Renovating Rita —  Rita is such a giving and loving person.  Her post are written with such clarity and rhythm.  She is a true writer.  Not only are her post fun and at times thought-provoking, she share her stage with other bloggers in a special segment called Salute to Subscribers.  I have found so many fun people to read through her willingness to share.    I know you will love reading her.  Thank you for my Salute Rita.

The Hobbler —  I must warn you this is what I call the potato chip blog.  There is no way you can just read one of her post.  I especially like the post Bringing New Meaning to “Political Cartoon”  This girl has dedication to her post and readers.  Anyone that would spend this much time and effort to bring us the reader, so much thought and laughter deserves this award.  You go girl!

London survival — This guy is confusing to me a lot of the time.  I think because he has different customs being from London and he is much, much younger than me.  I mean, I pride myself for staying hip but it is pretty hard to keep up all the way to London.  Now having said that I really like this guy’s humor and his ability to freak me out “Satan’s Little Helpers”.  I think he is loads of fun.  If you like different yet fun, normal yet  exciting, you got to read him.  Love your blog Joe

The Petalpusher — a.k.a. The Incredible Lightness of Seeing.  This was a toughie.  I was also awarded the Versatile Blogger Award on my photo blog this week and I so wanted to nominate her as a recipient of that award too.  She can take a photo attach a short story to it and transport you in time.  I can not suggest my favorite because they have all been my favorites.  Just an all around beautiful blog.

Merrily Marylee — She is funny as all get out.  She, like me, writes about her family.  I alway look forward to her post.  If you enjoy reading about family then this one is for you.

I’ve been thinking about… — a.k.a Miss Whiplash a.k.a. Patrecia.  What a wonderful women.  Her post are honest and true.  She writes of things I have never heard of too.  Mainly because she came from the UK and now lives in Bulgaria with her husband Neville.  She writes from the heart.  She is sometimes funny and sometimes heartwarming.  I think you will like her too.

Garden Mad — This little gal is an awesome photographer.  She has opened my world with her photos.  Although she mainly post on Wordless Wednesdays and hardly ever types a word, she can tell a fabulous story just through her camera lens.

My Parents Are Crazier Than Yours — Okay everybody, I love this blog.  Funny, funny, funny is all I can say.  Every time I read this blog I feel like I am smack in the middle of an all girl Seinfeld show.  Myra will have you falling out of you chair with side-splitting laughter.  She is truly a hoot.

I wish I could put the whole group of wonderful writer I follow on here, but half of them would shoot me.  You see, most of them have every award available 4 times over.  Yes, they are just that good.

One last thing.   All 46 blogs I follow brings a certain level of awareness, happiness and love, to my heart.  If I follow you, I am your devoted reader.  I value your words.  They have pulled me through a very hard time when I was with my dad in the hospital.  They have got me through boring days at work. They have given me hope and an abundance of laughter.    They have caused me to spew my morning coffee all over my house.  They have brought tears to my eyes.  They have caused me to dig deeper into my soul.  For this, I thank all of the writers I follow and the new ones that are recommended through avenues like this award.

Thank you again Miss Demure Restraint for thinking enough of me to share this award.


28 thoughts on “7 x 7 Award

  1. I think most of us feel better about writing when there are actually people out there whose lives are enhanced in some way by reading what we write. And I think many of us have periods, or at least moments. of doubting that that’s the case. We are human. So bravo to you for receiving the award and for passing on the names of other worthy bloggers. BTW, I tried to open your last post and couldn’t.

    • Hey Boomer, I have removed it. I never intended to leave it up for more than a day. It left me feeling vulnerable hanging out there like that. I only put it out for suggestion and advise, both of which I got. I am so grateful I found each and every one of you.

    • Hi Kate, When I first started blogging on WordPress in August I felt very lost and overwhelmed. I had no idea how anything worded or how to connect to other people. I ran into an award post. It listed 15 bloggers. I was in heaven. I hope you enjoy. I have a VERY diverse blogroll. Some are fun and some are hilarious but all are wonderful.

  2. Congrats on the award and well deserved 🙂

    I am glad you are feeling hope and determination. I’ve been thinking about you.

    I’ve had a look at all the blogs and selected one to follow. Miss Whiplash in Bulgaria. Like me she is an Expat trying to get to grips with life in a foreign land 🙂

    What a great way to bring bloggers to peoples attentions .
    Thankyou 🙂

    PS one thing about us Brits – we have a bizarr sense of humour!

    • Thank you, Thank you.
      Your comment was so very much needed and well received. I could tell it was from the heart and that is what make it so special to me.
      Oh Goodness Ms. P, (Miss Whiplash) I think you are really going to like her. I am sure she gets tired of me asking “What is that? What is that??”
      As far as Brits having a bizarre sense of humor, I am growing rather fond of it.

  3. I can hardly wait to visit the reciepents of the 7X7 award…I follow a few of them already but I think I just found a few new blog buddies. Thanks for sharing your friends with the rest of us.

    • Jeanne, I had you planned as one of the writers to give the award to. Then I remembered you are dealing with the stress of trying to get your little store up and running. I did not want to burden you with more obligations. I do so love your blog.

  4. Thank you so much for the 7×7 award..there is only one problem..I do not know how to move it to my site. I was awarded the Leibster awrd recently and could not do anything about it..so I left it where it was.

    But I am oh so flattered that you should even consider that I was worthy of such an accolade…

    I am tickled pink

  5. Thank’s loads for the nod!

    This is the only the second thing I have ever won, the first was a cookbook (I made the lemon tart…it was just ok)

    So glad you get my ramblings, herein is a major point in blogging for me, to find people across the globe who get each others musings despite widely differing lifestyles.

    Some things can get lost to cultural differences though, I recently read you call a fringe, bangs over there. Weird….

  6. Hi, Life is a bowl of Kibble. Thank you very much for mentioning garden mad. You are so sweet. I will definitely check out the others, although it seems I’ve already come across quite a few of them in my travels, and they all intrigue and inspire me. I wish I had more time to follow more blogs, and to write posts, but I already tend to spend way more time on the old computer than is good for me. By the way, I read your “Women over 50” blog to late to see the comments you received. I was curious myself. I would, however, being a woman over 50, love to give you my thoughts. Not sure where I could still do this? Let me know! I love your blog. I hardly follow any, but for some reason yours called out to me.

  7. Kudos to you for another well deserved award! Thank you for sharing the recognition with me. I am honored to be honored by your honor.- heehee – I got some goofy goin’ on in me today. Could it be from hanging around you?

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  9. Sorry to be so late to get here, but I’ve read all you posts and loved them (except The Daughter – my computer thinks it’s been on too long and I’ll try again later). You are so right about my favorite post, but I would have to give the bear a close second.

    I’m so glad you participated and I’ll be back to check out the blogs you passed the award on to. You are more than deserving. Your blog is a joy.

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    • Oh Elizabeth, I took it down. It felt so raw just hanging out there like that. I only wrote it because no one here at home knows about this blog and I wanted opinions that were not judgmental. I felt comfortable at the time because I felt so close to you and all that comment here. Then I got to thinking some one might happen upon it and I just did not want that to happen. Thank you for asking about it and thank you for the comment.

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