aMusing Mondays: Raven part Daux or My Wife Has Lost Her Mind


FYI: My Wife Has Lost Her Mind was Hubs suggestion for this entry when I posted this on the webcam last summer.

The first year I lived here, I was seeing things that this city girl had never been exposed to. For example, mountain lions, bears, and horny toad lizards were just a few of the unusual things I was privy to see. Each time I saw something new, I would call my husband and tell him my experience with the new and exciting discovery. It was not until I started seeing things that were not normally in this area that my husband started to doubt my sanity. One day on the way to work, I swear I saw a wolf. Husband said it was a coyote. I said I know the difference between a wolf and a coyote. He said I was wrong and went on back to what he was doing. A few months later a news cast mentioned that the Mexican Gray Wolf had been spotted in the south central/east areas of New Mexico.  That is in our area.

Next, I was going down to Walmart and saw a roadrunner by the ski area. Called husband again to tell him what I saw. He said at 9,000 ft in the winter snow, no less, you would not find a roadrunner. But yet there was that dang roadrunner crossing the highway. I was determined to prove to my husband I was not going crazy. I followed the car in front of me all the way down the mountain clear to the next town. I followed him until he parked in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. I jumped out of my car, rushed him and asked him if he saw what I think I saw crossing the hwy at the ski area.

“You mean that Roadrunner?” he asked with eyes as big as cantaloups.

“Hold it right there.”, I said excitedly.  I quickly called husband and said…

“Hold on I have someone here that saw the same thing I saw”

I shoved my cell at  the poor fellow that I had just accosted and asked him to tell my husband, who thinks I am going crazy, what he saw. The poor fellow was so nice he says “Hello?”. For a minute there, I think he thought I was crazy too. He did tell Hubs there was a roadrunner at the ski area in the snow. Then he gave me my phone back and backed away slowly. He did not turn his back to me until 20 ft. before the automatic doors. Yep, I think it is safe to say he thought I was crazy too.

Then one day, I was headed down the mountain again. I got to the bottom and noticed a junk shop. You know the kind, junk everywhere and everything for sale. I was walking up to the door and noticed a dog. I leaned over to pat him and heard…”Hello” ” Whatca gona buy?” I look around and see NO ONE but the dog. The dog was just laying in the sun. His tail wagging and tongue hanging out. DANG! maybe I am going crazy. About that time, I heard, “Go on in.” This time I really start to look around. I am looking for anyone, for a speaker system or one of those rock speakers…you know the kind they put around the pool to deliver music to all that are swimming. NOTHING! I slowly go inside. All at once I notice a bird, a BIG bird. It was a crow. The biggest crow on the face of the earth. I get inside and decide to take my chances. I ask the guy inside if he knew he had a talking crow…A BIG TALKING CROW. He said yes but it was not a crow. He tells me it is a Common Raven. Turns out he found it years ago when it fell out of its nest. He could not bare to leave it to the elements so he brought it home and raised it. Somewhere along the way it started to pick up words. He said it knew about 50 plus word to date. I thought, OH BOY, what will husband think of this?   I decided to not say anything until I got home. I later told Hubs, in an eerie whisper 😉 ,  “A Raven spoke to me today.” Man oh Man, that was it for him. He thought I really had lost my mind. I explained the whole thing, but I am not sure he believed me. And after that, I decided to not tell him my further discoveries.

Who knew a Raven could speak? NOT THIS CITY GIRL!

Until next aMusing Monday


29 thoughts on “aMusing Mondays: Raven part Daux or My Wife Has Lost Her Mind

  1. I loved the way you chased the guy and made him speak to your husband. I would have done exactly the same!

    The first time I picked up petrol in my car, shrotly after passing my driving test, I could not make the pump work and was helplessly pressing all the buttons. A voice boomed out from the pump” Madam, you need to press the lever” I must have jumped three foot in the air with fright! Puzzled, I stepped forward and inspected the pump. It was only then I spotted a guy in the office bent over double with laughter!

    PS I must add you to my blogroll if I am gong to be a regular visitor to your blog 🙂

    • My husband was starting to make me feel like I was nuts. I was bound and determined to show him I certainly was not! Ya know the funny thing is, I live in a town of 700 and I have never seen that guy again. Well I have never seen his car again.

      Your story was so funny I choked on my dinner. Please tell me you were a teen when this happened. Too funny.

    • Okay Mark, I have heard the chatter of a Chipmunk but I am curious. Do they do/say anything else than chatter? And don’t pull my leg. I get enough of that from Hubs. (hubba, hubba) No really, we have them here but they are few and far between. Too many predators. And do you have those Big Red Squires there?

    • Lynne, I had no clue they talked either. The guy that owned the junk place said if they are raised around people they will pick up a few words. BTW I went back down to that little shop to get a picture for this entry but he said about 3 years ago it came up missing. He has no idea where it went. It had been with him for four years.

  2. YOu are a woman after my own heart. Anyone who’d track a man to Wal-Mart to make him confess he’d seen a roadrunner sounds pretty sane to me. And if AFLAC has a duck that speaks, and GEICO a gecko with an accent, then why not a merchandising Raven? Keep the animal stories coming.

  3. Considering that your household is ‘just a wee bit crazy’ I am not at all surprised. However I do think that Hub should have faith in your intelligence…mmmmm..second thoughts..perhaps, maybe

    But still a good post!

  4. I know right, Ms P? He should take pride and believe everything that comes out of my mouth. Yea, like that is really going to happen! 😉 I have a great story about him that I will post sometime in December. It is short but endearing at least to me.

  5. Crows/Ravens/Blackbirds are ridiculously smart. I had a friend who had a pet raven. The bird figured out how to open the jewelry box, stole his watch, and hid it in the backyard. When he went looking for it, the bird was watching him and cracking up. Finally, he showed where he hid it.

  6. You are so funny! I love your blog, LiaBoK. You’d be a hoot to hang out with! Also, I too saw a wolf in the woods of MO where my in-laws insist there are no wolves, only coyotes. And my husband was in the truck with me to bear witness. Like you, we know a wolf when we see one. Guess it’s us against the world…lol

  7. Hubs ought to be thankful you didn’t call him to come see the talking dog. This story just proves that you are a very smart and sensible woman that is not inclined to jump to rash conclusions. LOL.

    I didn’t say anything about doing some of the craziest stuff I’ve ever heard of. I’ve still got the “toe” stuck in my head or was that you and a faucet. 😉

  8. I live to meet a talking raven. Pirates were known for their talking ravens, but the image got rearranged to replacement with a talking parrot. Ravens are incredibly intelligent. They not only use tools, but fashion them. Something that not even chimpanzees do. I sing praise to the raven! LOL

    • HI Russell, I never knew that about pirates! I also never new that Ravens could talk but I swear to you it spoke to me just as plain as day. Cool but spooky. Not only was he talking he was about the size of a mid-size dog! They grow ’em big out here. Thanks for coming by and the comment.

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