What’s in a Christmas Tree?

My Chirstmas Tree for 20 years

My Christmas Tree  of 20 Christmases bit the dust.  It disintegrated right before my eyes last year.  I had been hanging on to this Mountain King for years watching it slowly lose its grip on its faux life.  I simply refused to throw it out even though she was begging for mercy.  While putting the old girl away last year,  she gave up the ghost completely.  I gave her a proper farewell and wondered how would I replace her.

Fast forward to this year.  I can’t find a forever Christmas tree I like.  I have search high and low but nothing can compare to the love and memories of my old tree.  The old girl saw my children grow up, she saw my favorite pooches and assorted critters come in and pass on, she saw and felt my grandkids’ smile and yank at her pretty baubles.  She saw my bed head and no make-up.  She saw me playing Santa  and even caught me sneaking a tiny peek of my presents.  She knew how to keep a secret.  She saw a lot over the years and dang, I miss her.

Well, there is no use crying over broken branches I have to find the perfect forever tree, again.  What I have found out there are hundreds of different trees to choose from with a variety of adornments.  I found a few that were very interesting.  I took these photos with permission of the store owner.

My goodness, look at what’s in this tree.  There are dear horns growing from the trunk.  There are wolves, deer and elk hanging on the  tree.  I love it, I really love it but it is not the one for me.

The Lollie Tree

This Lollie Tree is cool, however,  my Grandkids will not be here for the next year or two.  But could you imagine how excited they would be?  Knowing them they would try every piece of candy and gingerbread man on that tree just trying to find the real one.  Can you say, Hello 911 what is your emergency?  Not for us but I do love the festiveness of it all.

How about a Dancing Doll Tree.  Ballet dancers all over with pink and silver colors.  OOooo that would be perfect if daughter were younger and a girlie girl.

This is a Turquoise and Wreath

This tree is Cool!  I love the color Turquoise.  It has a hodge podge of goodie and I love the shape but it just does not feel right for me.

The Bird Christmas Tree

I love this tree with the birds.  I have a soft spot for Birdies.

The Butterfly Christmas Tree

How about this Butterfly Tree?  It is sort of hard to see them but the butterflies are golden and so me!  But I am still not sure.

I had so much fun looking at the different trees today.  There were at least 25 or 30 dressed trees in the store.  By the way, if you are wondering where this awesome place is…  It is in Cloudcroft NM at a store called the Bear Track.

Every tree is beautiful and unique but I will keep on looking.  Hubs wants to get a real tree.  A REAL TREE.  I have never had a real tree in my whole life.  I know nothing about keeping a real tree.  I do know the needles fall out.  And they are suppose to make your house smell good.  Hubs really has his heart set on a real tree.  I think I will humor him and at least go look at them.


35 thoughts on “What’s in a Christmas Tree?

  1. My two favorites of the trees were the bird and the butterfly. Such lovely pictures to look at, thank you for sharing them. I do need to say, you old tree had such beautiful memories and I understand how you feel. Give in to Hubs and give the real tree a whirl this year I say! Keep us posted on what you decide. 🙂

  2. Those trees are too complicated – go simple I say! There’s a guy who lives nearby who grows hundreds of pines then cuts them down to sell for Christmas – this doesn’t seem right to me somehow. For 3 years we bought baby pines in pots then planted them after Christmas so now we have a tiny pine forest. Just an idea!

    • Hi Julie, One year my dad brought my mom a live tree still in a root ball. After Christmas they planted it. That tree must be 60 foot tall now. The whole time I was living there we had a silver metallic tree with a colored rotating spot light. I wonder how many people had one of those?

  3. I started buying live trees (again) when late hubs said he had never had one (at 41). Since then, the children have grown used to the smell and feel of a live one. They touch artificial trees at friends’ homes and whisper to me it is not real.
    Good luck finding the perfect one. I do not think you will regret it…unless you forget to water it!

  4. I’m with hubbie on this one. A real tree is so nice. Just be sure and give it lots of water, and it will be fine. I find that it’s important that my hubbie and I don’t try and put the tree in the stand together. We seem to have different ideas on how to do this, and we often end up getting a bit testy with each other. And we never normally fight about much of anything! Good luck, and I’d love to see a picture when you’re done!

  5. Oh, this was fun. I’ve never been interested in faux trees. Have only had the “real” variety, either ones I’ve cut, or bought, or ones growing in pots. But these artsy false-y ones were fun!

  6. The doll tree is insane!! My niece would love it, but it’s a bit creepy at the same time, I’d be having nightmares about them coming to life at night (Obviously watched too many low budget horror films)

    Your tree was really nice though, I’d be willing to get more christmas cheer with that one.

  7. What a lot of beautiful trees..I did not know that there were so many sorts…Like you I would not know which one to chose..

    You can now get real trees which do not shed their pine needles, probably quite expensive..but its true you cannot beat the smell of a proper tree

  8. Go for the real tree for a change. I haven’t had one in like 20 years but they smell so good. I am at the stage where I don’t want to put up a tree at all! You lose one day of set up and one day of take down and it’s harder to clean. However, there is something about a tree with it’s lights on that says family.

  9. I’m voting for the bird tree if you get another artificial one. Getting it home is another issue… Real trees are wonderful as well. You’ll have to say good-bye to it at the end of the season, not at the end of 20 years (which by the way is phenomenal). Kind of sad, but cathartic too. And you can’t beat the wonderful real-tree smell…nor the many stories I’m sure will come out of the experience!

  10. I love how you described your 20 year old tree. Amazing it lasted so long. My daughter is sitting on my lap while I read this and she is in love with the dancing doll tree. Every few years or so, we get crazy and go out to buy a real tree, they smell so good. But if we put it up too early, those needles are a pain to clean up. I remember as a kid going out to cut a tree on my uncle’s property in the snow, good memories. I hope you find another tree you can cherish just as much.

  11. I am sorry for your loss. I haven’t had a tree for 10 years and don’t miss it. But I haven’t had kids in the house for that long. Don’t miss them much either. LOL If you go with a live or once live tree, I suggest you hose it down good to remove lose debris and insects, outdoors of course. Let it dry before you bring it inside. Saves on clean up.

  12. Real trees really do make the house smell good. I grew up with real trees in Seattle, but in Arizona they become a fire hazard really fast so we have to be careful. My forever tree is about as old as yours was. I hope it hangs together a few more years.

  13. A friend’s family used to have real trees every Christmas and they would do something with the needles, made some sort of potpourri things with them. They kept them for a long time. That way you could have a real tree and a little bit of continuity from one year to the next. They smelled great!

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