The Power or Oh Goody, Oh Goody… part 1

 This is the story that started everything, as in my blog.  I put it on Facebook back in Jan. 2010 and it was a hit.  I think it did so well because everyone on my Facebook knows  Hubs.  This showed him in a different light.  All my friends are familiar with the public man.Public man is a burly man, a man of very few words, a man who would never want any one to see the human side of him.  He is also a man that has sworn me to never write about him again.   So everyone needs to keep this one on the QT.

Hubs has been waiting on this day since Christmas morning. He was practically giddy with excitement. Did we win the lottery, a new truck in the drive or, please no, not another huge snow? It was none of the above.  Hubs was walking in and out of the house with an excitement that I have rarely heard, more like never heard.   I laid there listening. Soon he popped his head in the bedroom and reports, “The electricity is OUT!”, with the biggest Cheshire  grin that I have ever seen on his face.

To most folks me included, this is horrid no water, lights, and spoiled food; to my husband, it is music to his ears. After years of dealing with power outages, his father gave him a generator for Christmas. It was like opening his present all over again. He finally got to fill it with gas, start it and hooked it up. He kept telling me that the generator could run the whole house. I said no way. But he insisted it could.

As I laid there in bed listening, I heard it start. It was a smooth start, sort of like a Honda motorcycle. I could hear him going in and out of the house all excited and getting everything ready to be hooked up. He was just having way to much fun. To my surprise, the ceiling fan in my bedroom came on! I was shocked. He was right! This was one time I was happy to be wrong. No more nights without lights or sounds of the TV. This is a good thing. I got up to go check it out. The pure delight on his face was worth getting up to see.

As I am watching him plug the refrigerator into one of the extension cords, it hits me, how could the fans in the bedrooms be working when he is pulling extension cords in the house? He did not plug in the generator to the house at all. THE POWER had come back on without our knowledge. Oh no, how should I point this out? I just watched him plugging stuff in. All the while, a giant grin plastered on his face. Finally I ask him, how could the fans be working in the back of the house if we are using extension cords for power?

The gleam in his eyes and the smile on his face…..gone. “You mean we have power?”, he asked.” I thought I heard the frige running when I unplugged it. But I was not sure.” He, slowly, turned the generator off and returned all plugs to their rightful sockets. With his excitement faded and the reality of a day of delivering mail, in the snow without me, he kisses me good bye and says, “Have a good day off.”

Oh well, at least we know it starts!


35 thoughts on “The Power or Oh Goody, Oh Goody… part 1

  1. Ya know, That was the first thing I asked him when I saw it! He gave me a look to end all looks. I covered it up by saying Just Kidding but I was not kidding. What did I know I had never had a generator before much less seen one.

  2. I could see my father getting happy about that. His hobbies often include things like rewiring the house. And I’m pretty sure he’s happy when it snows so he gets to use the snow blower.

  3. Ha ha! As one who lives where there are frequent power outages, I know the phenomenon. I also know of men who wish we would not write about them on the computer. Great story. Your secret is safe with me. By the way, I’ve managed over 2 decades without a generator (we have limited water even with no power) love the quiet. (none of my close neighbors has a generator, thank goodness.) Great post.

  4. Maybe next time the power will stay out long enough for the generator to kick in. So Hubs works for the post office? My person retired from there awhile back.

  5. Men do love their toys. After watching a Craftsman ad on Tv, I asked my beloved if he wanted any tools for Christmas. He said, he’d already bought his “toy.” A chainsaw. Oh…yeah…how could I forget. I’m surprised there are any trees left in the yard. Maybe, for Christmas, you could flip the off on the fuse box and he’d get to use his generator.

  6. It’s maddening to be a superhero with no one to rescue. Well-told story, though. I could feel the power draining out of him, and hear his motor shutting down. But there’s hope: the winter’s young.

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  8. Oh bless his little heart 🙂 (Ps I’d left a comment before) but it ain’t come out!
    Until the next time 🙂

    I think we could do with a generator here in Portugal.

    The lecky supply is really flakey. We’ve already had two power cuts this week – it was a little windy but the power cables have seen better days.
    No I’d not forgoten you …how could I do that?

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