To Theme the Impossible Theme

Okay I am back and ready for the New Year.  Wow, it is funny how work can get in the way of life.

I thought I would start out the new year with a new front…new front blogging home page that is.  I spent all morning looking and trying on different looks.  It was agonizing.  I am a no-nonsense type of person.  When I go shopping, I get in and out with record speed.  Well, maybe not the grocery store or the bakery or the local pastry shop. Okay when it comes to food – eating – buying – or cooking it, I involve all my senses and that takes time.  Wait, I am getting off topic.  I was saying that this theme shopping was killing me.  I started at 6:30 in the morning and finally decided on this one at 12:47  in the afternoon.  That is a whopping six hours and 17 minutes.  Like I said, agonizing.

Being a no-nonsense person, one would think a minimalist look would be perfect for me.  Grid Focus or Clean Home were indeed sensible and clean but I discovered I desired color for my life in words.  I found it with Matala and Sweet Blossoms but they did not let me transfer some of the customizing I spent hours working on in the beginning of my blogging life.  I even tried on the ones in the middle, only to find the fit was not right.  Some of the themes were too busy, some were too tight, others were too dark, and some required magnifying glasses.  This was turning into an impossible task.   Why has no one thought to design a free theme that is visually impaired friendly?   I mean, someone thought to make that phone for us AARP people.  You know the one with giant numbers.  My mom had that phone and I loved it.  Anywho,  I was getting no where until I started thinking about the blogs I love to visit.  I began looking in my own back yard and fell in love with the Bouquet layout.

Now that I have a new beginning, I decided to do something I had been wanting to do for a long time.  I may be committing bloggers suicide but I feel compelled to follow my heart.  I have decided to change the way I refer to Hubs.  Mr. Moody or Mr. M is far more fitting.  You just have no idea how much this describes him.   I played with Chief  or Chief Yells-Alot to give recognition to his military background but it made him seem hateful.  Mr. Moody covers his many ups and downs which can occur between seconds, not the usual days that most people experience.  He is a hot mess but I love him….hills and all.

Daughter was next on the agenda for a name change.  The one thing that stands out above all else regarding her is she never sleeps unless the sun is up.  She uses the quietness of the night to do all her art, reading and studying.   The first site of light sends her running to the bed.  Her sleeping is all messed up, at least it is to me.  This put me in the mind of a vampire but a vampire she is not.  Then I thought of a bat.  She loves bats and does sort of live like one.  ( dark green and burgundy room, loft style bed and different sleeping habits) This lead me to the children’s book Stella Luna.  It was her favorite book when she was little and somehow it fits her now.  So, Stella it is.

I also changed the header to include my dogs.  I think it is only right since the name of my blog was inspired by them.  Plus they are just so darn cute.

I wanted to say thank you to Tony again.  I hope you all enjoyed reading him.  I just fell in love with the letters and I wanted to share with you, the people that enrich my life so much,  what I thought was very special.

I think I had better wait for any other changes to implement.  I know how frustrating it can be to go shopping for the ice cream only to find it has been replaced with diapers and the dad-burn ice-cream is clear across on the other side of the store.  Change is good but I prefer it in small doses.

Later yall,



67 thoughts on “To Theme the Impossible Theme

  1. The new header is GREAT! I toyed with the idea of an overhaul, but know there is one in the works before my birthday…Figuring probably best not to rearrange the furniture twice in a month…hard on the shins, you know.

    And the renaming is fabulous. Every so often I like to rename myself. As much in a sense of being more in tune as to escaping the idiots who may still have my email address.

    Looks lovely!

  2. I love the new “you”! Love the color and your header. I had to laugh at how you picked it. It is something I would do (and have done many times…) It takes me time to figure things out and to get a theme just right to my liking. You’ve inspired me to change mine up again.

    • Thank you Mags. Easy to read is what I was after. With the old theme I had to put on my reading glasses and I have a 22 inch monitor! I think it is the darker printer that makes it easier. I have a little desktop publisher I play around with to get the different headers.

  3. Love the new look and of course, the critters. I want to change my blogging template but am terrified I will screw something up. You have given me courage! Love the new names too. Hopefully Hubs…ummm…Mr. M will find it amusing.

  4. Mr. M has no idea I have this blog. He is still caught up in my other one and on the webcam site I write for. He checks them weekly to make sure there is very little, if anything, written about him. He be funny that way, ya know 😉

  5. I like it! I am so glad you did not choose a puce green background with white print!
    I must reorganise my blog too. Update blogroll, about page etc etc.
    Have you thought about adding a vlog? I am going to try 🙂

    • I love green but not the ‘put your eyes out’ green. 😉 I have to redo my blogroll and I think I am going to devote an entire page to it and to the people I follow. -grins- Oh lord have mercy a Vlog? There is no way on earth that I would subject you all to my voice or face for that matter. I love to watch them I just have no desire to be one. I CAN NOT wait for your redo.

      • HAve you ever tried speaking to a microphone? I either get the fit of the giggles or I can’t think what to say. It’s just going to be my voice…and a video, but not of me 🙂 Goddness I’m not that brave

    • I understand about the “pink not me”. My Stella hates the color pink. I once had a boyfriend that would not touch or look at anything Pink. It was weird. Anyway, I almost did not use the pink because it is an acquired taste. In the end I went with it. Hopefully, the content will out way the decor.

    • Do you think it is too graphic? Mr. M knows nothing of this mystery blog I harbor. And there is no way in HELLo I am going to let the cat out of the bag. I mean he is already obsessed with my other blog. I will be completely closed off from the real me if he knew about this one. So we need to keep this our little secret. K? Oh and if Mr. Moody sounds too graphic, I would love some alternatives.

  6. And I love your blog on demand! Mr. Firepants must feel slighted. That is okay most of America has basic cable now a day. Mr. M gets nota. He has only his memorex to console him. Wait, I bet you are far too young to know about memorex.

  7. Hey, I was just here yesterday (after ages) and when I came back today to read Tony’s reply, it’s different! I like the customisation you have done on the right side bar. I hope you got to read my comment from yesterday. It was for both of you.

  8. Howdy Thinker. I hope the new look did not startle you too much. My changes are normally slow and barely noticeable. But this time I chose to just yank off the band-aid and go for it. oooOOOOoo I was hoping someone would notice the side bar. I have hundreds of sayings and quotes so I might change those during the year. Thank you.
    And yes I did get to read it and I am honored you included me in your comment. I am hoping your New Year will be all you need it to be.

  9. Love the new changes. I wanted to make some revisions on my blog and try new designs but I’m scared I might screw it up. Yes , I freak out with techno stuff. I’m thinking of getting a design that enhances the photos but I it may affect the narrative part where it may be hard for the readers . Any tips? Happy New Year my friend…

    • I was exactly the same way. That is when I started looking at all my blogging friend’s themes. I would like one then run to find it under theme. I would then click the preview. I made sure everything was there that I wanted to keep. If not, I would try for another one. I must have tried them all! I loved Rita’s and it seemed to have it all so I went for it. You can do it just make sure you have enough time in the day to do it. Oh and one more thing. All the headers and backgrounds did not transfer over to the new theme. You will need to save them to your picture file if you have any you want to hang on to. happy New Year to you too.

  10. Babe, you are rocking the pink. I seem to recall you rocked the pink in your ride as well. I like the consistency. Kinda got your own look going…like a trademark. (That’s enough jive talk….I don’t have a clue what I’m saying.) Anyway, love the new look and the new names. I love playing with the themes….it’s like having a giant scrapbook, but without all that messy glue and stuff. Well done!

    • That is a perfect analogy! I never thought about it that way. Now, if I would have had that mind set when I started my search, I think it was have been a lot funner endeavor. You always have the best outlook on everything. Next time I dive into troubled waters I coming over to your blog to get a little piece of mind. 🙂

  11. Well…heavens. I hate change, but I think your alterations are hilarious..All except for the dogs…they’ve been barking for a long time wondering when they’d get credit for such a clever post. Four Woofs for you.

  12. Barb! I so know that feeling. I hate change too. Well not all change, but I just hate going to pick up something at the store and it has been moved to some obscure place the makes NO sense at all. (Do you hear that Wal-Mart?) Some change is good….like when you get your first adult tooth….like when you find your first love……like your first child…. and like your first meeting on WordPress. These changes are welcomed and priceless.

    • sorry busymom, I promise on the next aMusing Mondays I will post a story that sounds and is all me. It is a bit gross. I don’t think the guys will like it at all. It even made me cringe a little and I can handle anything gross.

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  14. Pingback: You Inspired Me…to change « jeanne's blog…a nola girl at heart

  15. I want to change my theme but I can’t decide what says unorganized, slightly paranoid, empty nester. And I still call my family members-husband, daughter, first son and middle child. You have inspired me to step it up this year.

    • I had the same Theme as you are using. I almost went with one that is called Strange little Town. At the top stars at the bottom spookie ville. That says paranoid to me or crazy but only in the good way. Thank you for the comment. I will keep an eye on yours to see what you come up with.

  16. Very ambitious to make the change. I’m thinking about going to, but am petrified of taking the plunge to learn all the techy stuff. I just would like to customize a bit more. Yours looks great – congrats on taking the step. I would have taken days to pore over every template before making a change like you did! Can you say OCD??

  17. I am indecisive and had a hard time picking out a new header and theme as well, and I still am not satisfied!!! Are you a Virgo? I’m not too big on astrological signs, but sometimes I like to blame things on that! Love the colors, it looks great!

  18. Mr. Moody is a Virgo but I am a Libra. I have this thing for Virgo men. Every man I have been romantically involved with has be a Virgo. The funny thing is, out of 5 serious relationships (this is including my childhood sweetheart) 4 of them were born on August 28th. I am not big on astrological signs either but I think somebody is trying to tell me something. Good luck on your theme search. If you would like, I could customize a header for you if you can see me your ideas.

    • He knows I have a blog just not this one. I have one on too. I use it mainly for the webcam visitors of our village. It is very tame. I have to make sure Mr. M approves or he will cut me off or run away……hmmmmm….run away that would be interesting. Most of the time it is a funny story or two from here. Here I feel freer. If I feel blue I write blue, if funny I write funny if motherly I write motherly. Mr. M only approves of funny and NOT about him post. I like it better here.

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