And Around And Around It Goes

Along with this extra work I have taken on, comes a surprising twist.  It seems that my carousel is spinning at full speed.  At first I thought it was broken and unable to budge, then I realized it had not come to a standstill;  it had merely sped up to an astounding rate that this mere mortal was unable to comprehend.  Oh, I can hear you asking, “What the heck is she talking about now?”  Please let me back up and try to explain my “carousel”.

When I was young I was notoriously forgetful, not a little forgetful but overwhelmingly woolgathering.  I was forever in trouble at school because I could never remember to bring my homework back, my classmates names, and always hungry because I never remembered to bring my lunch or grab breakfast.  As a teenager, I missed many a dates because I would forget I had one, or worse making more than one date with two or three guys on the same night.  Imagine a boy crazy girl forgetting a date, but I did and did often.   My father made 40 sets of keys one year just so he would not have to take me to activities due to the loss of my own keys.  I lost my driver’s license probably 60 times during my driving years.  As an adult, I have forgotten my kids at basketball practice,  church, a restaurant and twice while trick or treating.   I lost my grandson at a park one time. I miss placed my car 7 times, 7 TIMES.  I forgot 2 of my favorite dogs outside after I forgot to bring them in with me, but they returned after a cold, cold night in the forest never to venture far from me again.  Mr. Moody has threatened to disown me if I lose one more military ID.  I think you get the picture.

Oh yes, about the carousel.  A few years back I was at yoga and about to wrap up a very exhausting session when my yoga teacher made the comment that she was, at one time, very forgetful.  And with those words I popped up like a puppy to a pork chop.  That hour of exercise… forgotten and all my attention was lavished upon her.  She said she had been at a self-improvement workshop for memory.  They talked about the usual exercising of the mind with word games, reading, and doing crafts.  They also taught her a memory technique.  They told her to imagine her brain is like a filing cabinet.  Categorize each subject i.e.  family, work, fun.  Then create folders within the subject i.e. family, clients, bar…urrr… friends.  Then she was to create sub-folders for all the little information.   As information came in, she was to file it away for later retrieval.  She said it worked like a charm for her.  All she had to do was take her mind to the original three categories and from there it was easy to find the right path to remember.

That night I could not sleep for thinking about what she had said.  I figured it was time to get my attic in order.  I remember trying to gather all my files and tucking them neatly in the sub file located deep within the  crevices of my brain, only to be retrieved when needed.  The next day I was clear headed and refreshed!  I felt like my thinker was finally thinking, until I forgot to pick up my mom from her dental surgery.  Clearly this technique was not for me.

Next night,  I tried to visualize my brain and the thoughts within.  What I saw surprise the heck out of me.  My noggin was not a file cabinet at all  it was a carousel.  I stored stuff in little slots on the carousel.  As information was needed, I would set the ride on go and wait for the enlightenment to approach, at which point, I would reach in a grab the tid bit I needed.  My problem was I had trouble remembering to turn it on.  WHAAA LAAA!  I found out what made me tick.  Now all I had to remember was to turn it on.  It was a slow process at first (and still is at times) but eventually it became faster and I started forgetting less and less.  I have not lost my car keys in at least 9 years.  I unfortunately can not say that about my work keys (I’m running out of memory slot space.)  I still lose my military ID and driver’s license but only at a rate of about two a year.  You have to admitt this is far better than 6 or 7 times a year.  To my credit, I have not lost a child nor have I neglected my dogs or forgot to pick anyone up from surgery since I recognized and turned on my carousel technique, that is until I started this extra job.  I have gone from an almost efficient running carousel to a full out Tilt-a-whirl!  Things are moving so fast they are becoming undone and flying this way and that.  I think it is time to purge some of the useless thoughts I ponder over every now and then.

Top ten thoughts for elimination:

Until next time file, file, file.