I am back…..EEEEKKKKK!

Recently I made my blog private.  It was not to exclude anyone it was more to concentrate on the tasks at hand.  I have been opening another store, starting on yet another opening and working that crazy second job. Plus, I have been sick since January.  Everyday I came home, I threw myself on the couch.  not op I never opened my eyes again until 5:50 am the next morning just to do it all over again.  Joe Joe, Rebekah, Julie and LBG you made me feel wanted! And I am sorry I did not respond to the request to enter.  I knew this would only be temporary and I hope you forgive me.

Today was my first day off of work and the first day I had enough energy to Geo Cache.  Do I have a story to tell…

This morning I sleep in until 7:00 a.m. by 11:30 a.m. I was BORED.  I decided to try to hike and do a little Geo Caching.  With backpack in hand and my GPS, I was off for what I hoped to be a productive hunt.  I went to the 130 (back woods) hwy.  There are a series of caches along that road and a few back in the woods.  I started on them just before I got sick and now that I was feeling better I was inching to get back there.  My plan was to start at the farthest cache and work myself back home.  The first place I searched was cool and odd.  There was a big limestone rock stuck out in a field.

Paso Por Aqui


I was left empty-handed.  I never found the cache and I had no idea what this said and WHY it was there, smack in the middle of nowhere.  I found the next 6 caches but on the seventh one it got screwy.  I was about 10 minutes into the search when I stepped on this!!

Detached Elk Leg

The forest has a way of  bringing you back to a spooky reality in a hurry.  I freaked out! EEEEKKKKK.  While squealing I hurriedly backed up and fell into this!

Elk Carcass!

Then. as I was trying to get out of where I was, I found part of its hide but I did not get a picture of it cause about that time a huge herd of deer came flying through the forest straight at me!

A few seconds later I heard cows ( as in moo000 cows  ) start screeching!!!   No idea what that was about cause after I did a Bo Duke and dived in the car, I turned to look at what they were yelling at.  They were just standing.  Not a one of them were moving, they were frozen stiff.  They were all watching me ……. and screeching!!!  No really screeching, not mooing but screeching.   I LEFT… quickly.

Next time I am taking someone with me and my gun!  I know this may not sound too humorous or like fun but,    It was SO FUN ♥

It is great to be back at least for the day.


ps.  By the way that big rock,  it was a memorial to a man named Mershon.  I searched for a translation.  The first one I found read… “Buddies in the Saddle”  Okay that was strange.   The second translation was “He passed by here”.  Okay that sounded like it might be the right words.   Upon further investigation, I found out he was a very influential Legislator in the state of New Mexico.  He founded the electric co-op, First National Bank and our medical center.  WOW, who knew so much history could be in a field…. in the middle of NOWHERE.

And If I ever go private again, don’t worry it is me just trying to catch up with myself.  🙂


43 thoughts on “I am back…..EEEEKKKKK!

    • I know right? I was soaking up sunshine. I think I could have been hit by a car and still had a great time. All work and no play can make a person go mad. Thank you Lynne for keeping up with me on my photo blog. How funny is it that the Internet can bring so many souls together in friendship and yet they never meet in person. Glad I have you as a buddy.

    • Hobbles – Kibbles is who I was talking about the other day about someone vanishing from WordPress and I was worried.

      And Kibbles (everyone is going to be called that now, Kibbles, Hobbles…) glad you’re back!
      I suspected this was the case even though Hobbles teased me into thinking I was being blanked, (I never let on who I was talking about but maybe she guessed) ;-D

      And great skeleton picture, and it’s given me an idea to go on for my next tattoo.

      • Joe, you can’t get rid of me that easily 🙂 If I every really shut it down for good I won’t leave ya hanging. You will be the first to know I am out of here. Also I have a photo blog you can get to from the button bar at the top. It requires no words just pictures so it is much easier to keep up with. If you ever want to know if I am still around check it out. Sorry to make you worry.

      • I’ve tried calling off the search party but I can’t locate them, last I heard they made it to your mountain, you didn’t find any remains near the elk carcass by any chance?

  1. Hi,
    Wow what a walk that was, and a very interesting find about the rock, it is just so amazing what we find walking around, dead animals excluded. 🙂
    I agree, next time take someone along with you.

    • Ya know, my now husband took me on a walk for our second date. We ended up at a cemetery! I thought he was a serial killer or something! I was out in the middle of nowhere with no one around standing in a cemetery with a guy I had only been out with two times! He started talking about the people’s headstones and how the may have died. Still Creepy! Then he pointed out the dates of death. It peeked my interest. Right then I knew he was not a killer he was a geek. I had never dated a geek before. I found him so interesting that I married him 18 months later. 21 years later we are still finding geeky things to talk about and it all started in a field in the middle of nowhere 🙂

    • Hey piglet. Yes I am so sorry about that. I was covered up with work and feeling so bad from a virus I caught that I just could not write or even answer any comments. A cardinal sin for bloggers ya know. So I just shut her down until I could breath again.

    • Okay you are, in my opinion, the resident cow expert. Have you ever heard a cow screech? And why would they do that? There were some calfs around but they were all just standing there with the others yelling. The bones were creepy but the cows were freaking me out. Ideas???

      • Speaking as one who has been chased down by mama cows, I would say that their vocalization gets pretty rowdy. Guess they saw you as a predator. The only bones I ever come across are from dead cows that have pulled out of the compost pit. Some kids just love to look at those. Is freaky when you are out in the evening and you wonder what is dragging the bones around.

  2. What an adventure! Geo-caching can certainly be interesting. I don’t geo-cache but my good friend does and I’ve been with her on several caching adventures.You guys are like the postmen: through sleet, and rain, and snow etc.!! Glad you’re back.

    • It is my one and only vise/pleasure. Today my daughter, that never never wants to play, came with me. We found a nano that was hidden in a tiny shell, and a cache hidden in a sign that was at least three feet long and one hidden in a container that was camoed by a tiny rock. I really love this stupid game.

  3. Nice to see you again, LIOB. This is too good to keep a secret 🙂
    PS: Tried geocaching with my son at our science center. It wasn’t the real deal, like what you did. Just an indoor interactive exhibit. Long story short, I hated it. Maybe we need to go with you next time…

  4. If you love to play games and you love the outdoors then you must give it another chance. You need a GPS or a phone app to get to them and then it is all observation. I think it is what keeps my sane and my mind sharp. I went again the next day and found one in a tiny sea shell. you can find them in the oddest of places.

  5. Glad to see you are back! As for the Headstone…I don’t remember whether it was either Bill Mershon, or John Mershon, that was our next door neighbor to the south. (I think Bill was the elder and John his son?) Anyway, during the late seventies my brother was the elder Mershon’s intern one year during the legislative session.

    As for the cows…During the winter, when food is scarce and you have to supplement their diet with hay…you drive out into the field. If they see you parked in – or close to – the pasture, they come running because they know they will get fed. If they don’t hear you, you blow the horn or yell for them and they come running. If you yelled when you stepped on the skeleton, they thought you were ringing the dinner bell! That is why they just hung out watching you…they were wondering just when you were going to whip out the menus and start taking orders! :o)

  6. Girl, you’ve been busy… 😆
    For a NY minute, I thought you were going to tell us that a lion had one of the cows by the throat! Oy vey!
    Please take company with you next time and as for that severed elk leg? EEEEKKKKK!
    Welcome back! 😉

  7. Glad you’re back. Hope you’re feeling better. And we’re looking to more adventures in the woods with you. Bring a big stick next time.

  8. Perhaps, you should take a body guard next time. Glad you are back 😉
    PS I moved whilst you were gone. It is why you no longer get emails. Re-upping is optional.

  9. Hi again…I’m playing an evil game at the moment, if you want you can jump in:

    Hi, I’m a friend of Nathan Badley. He was just mentioning that he kind of misses seeing you around his blog lately. I just don’t want him to get his feelings hurt too much. I think that people have been slacking off on visiting his blog because he doesn’t reply to comments very well. Anyway, would you please swing over there and say hi? http://badlandsbadley.wordpress.com/

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