Holy Mother of Pearl!

I am not one to take to a kind gesture.  I can commit random acts of kindness but only anonymously. And when I receive… it freaks me out mainly because it rarely happens.  Doubt shrouds my mind, “What is going on?”  “Why did they do that?”  “I am not sure I am comfortable with this.”  I have been jaded throughout my life so I hope you can understand when I awoke and saw this I went crazy with anger.


there is a photo behind this symbol

ANGER, you might ask?   Yes anger.  You see  last week I wrecked my car.  I begged them not to total my completely paid off car.  Our new budget would not allow for a second car payment.  We needed to keep on keeping on in the same way as the last 4 years.

Fast forward to day before yesterday.  Insurance adjuster gave the go ahead on the repairs NOT TOTALED.  Yippee.  Next day they called again and told us the estimate may be too low. Oh no!  I told Mr. M that I would rather walk the 16 miles to work than have two car notes.  He agreed.

still no peeking


I slept so sound last night.  I did not wake up one time.  I stayed cool and no early morning bathroom lights in the eye.  Heaven.  Next thing I know M is in the room with a cup of coffee, a smile and my slippers.  “Get up!”  he says.  “It is time to get up, hurry get out of bed full day ahead.”

In my mind there is no way it is time to get up.  I just went to sleep for goodness sake.  Soon he was back with my ROBE.  I shuffle into the kitchen.  There he stood with a smile from ear to ear.  One that could put you in the mind of the cat from Cat in the Hat.  “Come with me.” he says.  I follow but not before passing a clock 4:45 in the freaking morning!  In the A.M. as in so early there was not a ray of light in the sky NO WAIT.. IN THE WORLD!  I start yelling I don’t have to be at work until 9:50 A.M.

He says nothing and drags me to the carport.  I laid my eyes upon this and felt blinded with rage!


Yes rage.  I thought we were on the same page.  I thought we were a united force.  I thought… I thought… I felt like every cell in my body was  quivering with bull red anger.  I felt I needed to faint to escape the betrayal I was feeling.  Instead. I opened my mouth to let the profanity spew out but he jerked his hand up. “It was Santa Claus.” he blurts out.   (Of course, Santa Claus is a faux name because this Santa wishes to remain anonymous too.)  “We do not have to repay until we pay off the car loan we have right now.”  he says with an unsure voice.

OH MY GOSH.  What is going on? I looked at him hard.  He is bracing for round two.  Instead I wrapped my arms around him and planted a big old kiss on him.  He hugs me back with an embrace that would pop the eyes out of any Pekingese.  He held me for a moment longer than normal. It felt good.  He was happy to have me speechless for once in our marriage. And I was happy to hug him back without any words other than thank you.

I get to work and a harpist walks in and ask us if it would be okay if he brings his harp in to play for us and the shopping customers. Gosh yes, we say.  Then my daughter decided to grace us with her presence today at work.  While there, she fixed the store computer!

Okay let me recap, new car that we do not have to repay until present loan is finished, a harpist playing the most beautiful Christmas music every heard and Stella  fixed a computer that I have been working on for a couple of weeks.  Then it hits me.  Yesterday was the end of the world.  12-21-12 3:11 p.m. END OF THE WORLD.  Suddenly I start to experience a psychotic break.  Maybe this is nothing more than an eternal dream.  Maybe the blast, that I never felt, through me into another dimension. Or more than likely I was dreaming.  I pinched myself.


I feel nothing.  So I bit myself.   HARD.  Crap that hurt.  I ran over to the next store.  I asked my friend if he is really real.  Internally, I am really freaking out.  He says yes and gives me a look of, You are a complete LOON.   I walk back to my store…stunned.  My goodness,  I think this could really be true.  I start to tremble and feel very grateful for my kind Santa and for my Mr. M.  I am thankful for the man from nowhere that came in the mall to bring us the joyful sounds of Christmas, and for my awesomely intelligent daughter.

I am a lucky woman.  Merry Christmas Everyone.  My new car.  She is not my Mrytle May but I love her.



17 thoughts on “Holy Mother of Pearl!

    • Thank you, thank you. It has just now sunk in. Such a wired feeling. For the last three years I have been dealing with the death of my parents, my son’s cancer and a couple of other horrible issues then this. I tell ya it is truly weird. In a strangly good way.:)

  1. It’s a beauty and well deserved…{{{HUGS}}}
    ¸.•*¨*•.♪♫♫♪ 😆 Happy Holidays to You & Yours! 😆 .♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ♥
    ˜”*°•.˜”*°•.˜”*°•.★★.•°*”˜.•°*”˜.•°*”˜” ♥ ˜”*°•.˜”*°•.˜”*°•.★★.•°*”˜.•°*”˜.•°*”˜”

  2. It is getting late on Christmas night, and I just got to this post. It has made me smile so very much.

    That may be due to the fact that I screwed up my car last week, too. Wait a minute while I go look in the garage …. oops nope. Same old car. Sigh.

    Still I am happy for you — for your husband, for your daughter, for your car. Wonderful. I will smile about this for a while.

    Merry Christmas!

    • I can believe how well it drives. I guess old Myrtle May and I were WAY behind the times. She is still in the shop and it has been over a month. Mr. Moody has forbidden me from Geocaching in the new one so I will still get to drive Myrtle, that is if she ever comes home.

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