Last winter I lost a little bit of weight then put all but 3 pounds right back on again in the summer.  I know, I know, winter is when we gain summer is when we lose.  However, I am not

Oh No, here comes Time

Oh No, here comes Time

your typical women.  This year I wanted to try it again especially after finding out I could not wear a thing in my closet from last year’s weight loss.  This time I changed it up a bit.  Every Wednesday I post to my Facebook a picture of my scale WITH MY CURRENT WEIGHT.  No excuses.   I call it Weigh in Wednesday or WIW for short.  I am hoping the embarrassment of potential  weight gain will keep me on the straight and narrow path…only time will tell.

I can’t decide if the universe is against me or trying to reward my good behavior.  You see, once a month I get a BK whopper Jr at 340 calories, dollar fries at 97 calories and a water.  It is one of my four weaknesses wine, chips and salsa are the other three.  Today was my BK Burger day. I ordered it and through it over to the passenger side then went to the office store Staples. As I was headed back up the mountain, I grabbed the bag and noticed it was a regular whopper.  I decided I could eat half and throw the other half away. WELL, it turned out to not be a regular whopper but a double pattie, cheese burger, bacon with all the trimmings, with mayonnaise oozing out of every crevice,  plus jalapenos, Whopper, and the bag held a large fry in the corner!  I later found out it was called the TEXAS BURGER.  It had to have weighted at least 4 to 5 pounds.  OH DANG! Did I eat it? HELL YES, but not all of it and no fries. Well maybe 5 large fries but that was it.  And I had almost 3/4ths of  the big Tex.  I had to stop at the gas station to throw that temping beast of a burger away.  But as I walked over to the trashcan I was cramming as many bites into my pie hole as I could get.  It was the most awesome burger I have ever had in my whole life.  The thing is, I was not starving at all it was just that fantastic.  And now I will be spending the rest of my life trying to get it off my hips. Well lord, if that was a test….I failed deliciously

Wednesday mornings comes way to fast.   So far I have lost 4 of these blobs and it took me forever!

This is one pound of fat.

This is one pound of fat.


17 thoughts on “WIW

  1. I’m with you but there is no way that I’d post my weight.

    I do have a broken scale that registers really weird weights. On morning I stepped on it and found I’d lost 42 lbs overnight. If only!

    • Oh my gosh Elyse, my scale does the same thing. One morning I went from 165 to 142 in less than 24 hours!!! I thought I had died and gone to heaven! I know I need to change the battery but I am so afraid it will give me a correct reading of extra pounds 😦 The day is coming though

  2. I’m planning on dieting before I visit America. I’m addicted to Food Network, as you can probably tell form some of my posts, and I plan on embarking on a food trip across the country. It may be years before I actually do it, this one’s gonna take a lot of planning

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