Myrtle May Long, Long Gone

Oh the memories, the memories.  Myrtle May homely and white… what a gal.  She was always there for me.  If ever I had a spontaneous thought, she was right there to encourage me to go for it.  She was more than willing to ride out the storms that came and went.  She was there when I would break out in uncontrollable laughter.  She was there for me to lean on, to cry on.  When I found myself missing my grands she took me to see them.  She took me to take care of my son while he was in cancer treatment.  She carried me to my dad’s funeral.  She absolutely loved to go camping.  She was hardy and robust; she could pull a hill that made most men shiver.  I loved Myrtle May.

In 2012, she lost all control.  It was raining one morning.  She and I were percolating along until she hit the old treacherous stuff we call black ice.  She never saw it coming.  Off we went about 12 feet down.  She kept me cradled and snug.  I walked away without a scratch.  Myrtle was not so lucky.  She was unable to move on her own.

I begged the techs to not let her died.  They said they would do what they could but it really depended on the insurance and what they were willing to approve. (Typical, right?)  I cried as they took her away.  Hub thought the worst, as did everyone else.  Two months went by and still no word.  Hub took it upon himself to try and take my mind off of her.  He decided to bring a new man into my life, Chris.  Hub introduced me to him on the night before Christmas.  He was there, in the garage, with nothing on but a big green bow.  Not a word was spoken.  My emotions were mixed.  I looked at my husband with disbelief.  He was worried.  He did not know how I was going to react to this new man he had brought into my life.  All at once the reality of Myrtle May not pulling through hit me like a ton of bricks.  Husband’s eyes were apologizing for the loss but he encouraged me to befriend Chris.  I gave Chris the once over.  I asked Hub where he came from.  I mean he looked so sleek…so different.  Then I looked at my husband.  I ran to him, I squeezed his neck; I kissed him all over and thanked him for his thoughtfulness.

I did lose Myrtle May but not to the accident.  I hooked her up with a younger man.  The first time he saw her he feel in love and promised to care for her as much as I did.  She and he can be spotted around town every now and then.  You never see him without a big smile on his face when they are together.  It was a good decision to be the matchmaker for those two.  And Me?  Well, Chris and I can’t be happier.  He definitely knows how to treat a lady.  He is handsome, smooth and rugged just like I like ‘em.  Wait, are you wondering about Hub and how he fits into this threesome? Well, in the driver’s seat of course.  Other than a little bling on the steering wheel he is crazy about Chris too.

Please let me introduce you to Chris

Chris, it is short for Christmas Present

Chris, it is short for Christmas Present


Stella loves him too.  She says he reminds her of Santa’s big red sleigh.  She also pointed out the turn signal sounds just like reindeer hoofs clomping on the ground.  By golly, she is right, it does.   And just like Santa’s sleigh it will never get lost because we have a star named SYNC to guide our way.

Soon I will be going back to Memphis for my granddaughter’s graduation.  This will be a true test of his manhood because not only is he taking me he is also carrying my three girlfriends and their luggage!   I hope he can handle all this Womanly Awesomeness.

Note: I wrote about the new car back at Christmas but I wanted to follow up with the conclusion of Myrle May.  Also, our busy season is about to start so I have no idea when I will post again; however, I will be reading all of yours as they come in.  Later, Ruthie


14 thoughts on “Myrtle May Long, Long Gone

  1. Cute post! I think it’s a good thing when women bond with their cars. I can be having a bad day, but get inside my car and put an audio book in the CD player and suddenly I’m in a nest with someone reading me a story. 🙂

    I loved my old station wagon, Old Blue. When my husband convinced me I should buy a new one because I sometimes took long trips alone, I picked out one just like the old one–New Blue. My neighbor bought my old one and drove it to Florida, Minnesota… all over the country. It’s still chugging along. Still, so is New Blue, which I actually did buy it new, but it’s now 9 years old.

    “Old” is a relative term around here.

  2. I’m glad that had a happy ending! I don’t drive, but I am a willing passenger, I would love a big car, pointless in London though, will get one on holiday in Thailand, you need them for the pot holes.

    • Wow Joe Joe I hope I did not wear you out with all the new stories. You are going to be sick of me.

      It is probably good you did not get to Canada. I think you would have had to buy a car there. I know in the states You Must Have One. Plus I love to take mini vacations heer and there on the weekends. It makes life worth living for me.

      • The Canada saga has kicked off again, may be on next year, bit annoying since have just spent enough money booking holidays for this year which I could have saved towards a move. I’ll believe it when it happens since it’s changing all the time. I love a mini break, but lucky where I am to hop on a plane for about £40 return sometimes to Europe. I’m not sure I’d be a good driver, kinda scares me!

    • I hope you get this Joe, there was not a place to reply on your last reply. And it never showed up on the quick reply. HA . Anyway about being afraid to drive, my daughter has been old enough to drive for several years now. She really needs to learn because of our remote location in the world. Her standard response to my harping on it is…” Listen mom, I don’t think it is a good idea to stick a 2 ton weapon under my arse and turn me loose on the streets of ANYWHERE. That just scares me to death! Now leave me alone about it.” It is the same answer over and over. I give her plenty of times to practice it. 😉

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