In the hall of the upstairs hotel, there is the telephone booth that I told you about before.  “click, click, cliiiccckkk”.  Well, there is another old old phone.  It is hung on the wall beside room 4 and across from room 7.


It appears to be precariously hanging there but I can assure you it is attached well.  It has an old dial that sticks when you turn it and a small box with a cradle the receiver hangs from.   When I got here I played with it a time or two.  No dial tone but it was a cool blast from the past.   This little gem is a great conversation piece. There is a modern day wire coming out from the wall but it is attached to nothing.  Above the telephone line is a current day telephone jack faceplate.   I had the impression it was attached to a modern day phone that had long ago been removed because beside it all is a very tall telephone table, the kind you would find at gmaw’s house.

Somewhere along the line, pun not intended, someone plugged the dangling line into telephone wall jack.  Whaalaa, it somehow connected to the old antique phone that you see above to a live line resulting in a dial tone!  This building never fails to amaze me.  While Ms Pat was on the phone in the gift shop I ran up to the hotel and picked up the receiver and just like that we were connected, just a dial tone between us.

As you know I am not a believer in earth bound spirits.  At this point, I am almost convinced Ms. Pat and I have solved the mystery.  Someone did pick up the extension, which we now know is upstairs in the hall.  The only thing that stands in the way of  me being fully satisfied with our discovery…. none of our guest had checked in for the night.  Somewhere in the back of my mind, I can still hear Ms. Pat, I believe in ghost, I believe in ghost, I …..

In the last week, the owner and I experienced one creepy together and I was stunned, no beyond stunned, at what happened in our arcade! Those stories are to come.  I also have the full story of Mr. Jenkins and how he met his demise.

**  In all reality, I know there are logical explanations for every odd thing that happens in this 1935 building.  I hope you find the Jenkin’s stories as entertaining to read as they are to write.  Our hotel, mall and gift shops are delightful to be in.  There is a positive vibe throughout this old building.  The funky things that happen around here are true but is it a ghost, who knows??


Spooky or Not

As you know from the previous post, I have started a new job at a hotel.  It is a beautiful building that not only is a hotel, it has a mall on the bottom floor and a gift shop.  The building is rich in history and murder.  I now write for the hotel blog and I want to share a few stories but I don’t want to be tagged as a GHOST hotel, even if there are quirky happenings in and around the building.

I thought I would run a few of the stories I have written for the hotel  on my blog first and see if I can get some feed back.  Main question, Is this too spooky to put on a business blog?

and now    ……  In the Hall pt1

In the hall of the mall we have several antiques, most of which, for sale.  Items like old copper pots and pans, spurs, and old ford wrenches.  Down a bit further we have larger items an old radio, lanterns, a coffin, a very old wheelchair and much more.


In the hall of the mall a few nights ago we had a man spot an item that intrigued him.  He saw the old wooden coffin standing upright next to the wheelchair.  He had to have the coffin.   He asked  Ms P, at the front desk, if we would take less for it.  She called me, the gentleman and I came to an agreement on price and he left with the beautiful old cherry wood casket.  Shortly after that things started to get a little strange.

Mountain Comforts owner, Elizabeth, came in the next morning telling me that Mr. Jenkins has been very active.  She has been catching glimpses of his shadow all throughout the day.   She goes on to tell me other interesting things she has seen in the past 14 plus years.  Don’t worry,  I will be passing them on to you in the coming months.

I then decide to tell her about the night we sold the coffin.  Ms P called me at home that evening.  I spoke with the man over the phone.  After our discussion, he pulls his truck around to the double doors and prepares his truck for the loading of the casket.  As we are talking, I hear what sounds like Ms. Pat falling down or dropping her receiver.  After all the banging, rattling, and scuffling I hear Ms.P say, “How Rude.”  What? I asked.   She says, “Sounds like someone picked up your extension.”

Dead silence.

  I then tell her, “Ms. P that is impossible.  I am on my cell phone and you are on the only hotel phone.”

Dead silence.

We were both a tiny bit freaked.  I told Ms. P maybe Mr. Jenkins might be a bit upset that we sold his possible resting place.

  BBBrrrr, is it cold in here?


Good Morning

It has been a while since I have posted and there is a good reason for that.  I started yet another job.  This one has taken the place of the other two I had.  It is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever worked.  There are so many twists and turns mixed with a little history and the super natural that I started a blog to capture it all, not only for the hotel but for me too.  If you would like to see what I have been up to please check out http://www.cloudcrofthotelblog.com

You will see where I work and live, meet the people I work around, and get to know the antics of Mr. Jenkins.  Mr. Jenkins, that is where the super natural part kicks in. This blog is also used for running our specials because our business website is run by an administrator that is not on location.  It usually takes three weeks to get any thing done.  I figured why not run a blog and include the package specials, introduce people to our village and be in control of when and how it is done.

I hope you will enjoy visiting this new site and will continue to drop in.  Please, please let me know what ,if anything else, I could add to the hotel blog.  This is a new concept for me and I need all the direction and advise I can get.  Your input and ideas are not only welcomed they are desperately needed.

Love to you all


***in case I am not back before Thanksgiving I want to post my “I’m thankful for” now. **

I am thankful for this WordPress community that has accepted me for all that I am.  From misspelled words to grammar faux pas, you have embraced me and made me feel important.   For me, you have been my sounding board,  at times my only source of entertainment, my friends that have opened their homes, hearts and minds for me to be apart of and I sincerely thank you all.  May you all have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving Day.