Another Jenkins Story

This morning I arrived at the hotel early.  Today was the day. The day we were having satellite tv installed.  In the last few days, we have had a lot of changes.  I have been told that Mr. Jenkins does not like change.  After a day like today, I would have to believe that statement…. if I believed in ghost.

Every morning I have the same routine.  I walk in turn on the lights, open the gate to the mall, then walk down the hall  to  unlock and open the arcade doors, grab the trash then return to the gift shop.  This morning was no different, until I checked the garbage in the arcade.  When I walked in I immediately noticed some thing was very WRONG!

We have a pinball machine that is not in use at this time. In fact, we are trying to sell the vintage machine.  (Call me if you are interested 575-682-3414.)  This morning I found THIS.


The pinball machine had been moved across the floor.  In fact, it had been pushed all the way to the opposite side of the wall pressed against a window.  By the way, that window is where the coffin, I sold a few days ago, was sitting.


Needless to say, I was a little bit shocked at first.  Then, I remembered my maintenance man had to address a power outage in one of our rooms.  We have several fuse boxes scattered all over the building.  I figured he was looking at all boxes trying to find the right one.  There is a fuse box behind the pinball machine.

I called our maintenance man to come move it back.  I then asked why he left it pulled out.  I figured he forgot about it in all the excitement of the power outage.   He looked at me with all honesty and said he never came in the arcade that night.  He said he did not even know there was a fuse box behind the pinball machine.  That started me thinking.  We did have an electrician come one morning.  I know he checked in the arcade because he knows where all of our boxes are.  He was trying to find a box with enough space to add an air curtain.  It had to have been him.

About this time I was feeling pretty  proud of myself for figuring it out, but something was still bothering me.  I added a time line to further convince myself I was right.  It was Monday night when the power blew and our maintenance man came out to find the box.  Plus, he swears he never walked into the arcade nor did he know about the box.  It was Wednesday morning the electrician came out.  They were here until about 12:30 p.m.  That was on a Wednesday…this was Friday.  How could I have not noticed that rearrangement for three days??  I mean the garbage can is almost sitting on top of that pinball machine.  Twice a day I go in there.  There are two businesses back there that use the garbage can in the arcade.  NO ONE said any thing about it nor did they see it pulled out from the wall for almost three days.  How could that be?

Well, I believe I still have some splaining to do Ricky.  Oh and by the way, I am the only one with a key to the arcade.


Now at anytime you think these stories should not be shared on our Hotel blog YOU HAVE TO TELL ME,. Please


4 thoughts on “Another Jenkins Story

    • I know. Just think how I felt. After this incident, I promised Mr. Jenkins I would slow down on the changes. So far all I have had is a couple of self locking doors. There are many past stories about him that I will be posting but for now all is calm on the hotel front. Funny thing is,
      I freak pretty easy but he never scares me just gives me the willies every once in a while.

      • I used to not believe in ghosts, and really, I don’t know what it is I do believe in…spirits? It isn’t the old ghost mentality, but there is definitely something strange that happens with buildings, people, places and death. It’s like an unseen opera. Weird stuff. Sounds like a fun job though, and you’re doing great with the hotel blog. Definitely add this stuff.

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