Oh Christmas Tree (again, again, and again)

Well, well, well, you just thought you were going to get out of the ear tearing sounds of Oh Christmas Tree from me this year.  HA!

Please listen to the stylings of this youtube feature, while you read the lyrics to the THIRD annual massacre of “Oh Christmas Tree”

Open this link in a new tab to listen while you read.

Oh Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree

My thrift store find you are still with me.

Oh Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree

This is our second anniversary.

I found you on a concrete floor.

I picked you up ,took you out the door.

Oh Christmas, OH Christmas Tree

This is our second anniversary.


Oh Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree

You beat the heck out of a live tree.

Oh Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree

This year’s Christmas bait I will not be.

Two years ago I was dead meat.

This year I’m warming my chilly feet.

Oh Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree

This is our second anniversary.


Oh Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree

Last year you were a handsome tall snowman.

Oh Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree

This year I had no clue where to begin.

I built you up then plucked you out.

I saw three tiers and had some doubt.

Oh Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree

We celebrate our second anniversary.


Oh Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree

A topiary you shall be.

Oh Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree

Victorian era you look to thee.

With missing branches and no tree stand.

It was the only realistic plan.

Oh Christmas Tree, OH Christmas Tree

We celebrate our second anniversary.

Rotation of photo-2



In the hall of the upstairs hotel, there is the telephone booth that I told you about before.  “click, click, cliiiccckkk”.  Well, there is another old old phone.  It is hung on the wall beside room 4 and across from room 7.


It appears to be precariously hanging there but I can assure you it is attached well.  It has an old dial that sticks when you turn it and a small box with a cradle the receiver hangs from.   When I got here I played with it a time or two.  No dial tone but it was a cool blast from the past.   This little gem is a great conversation piece. There is a modern day wire coming out from the wall but it is attached to nothing.  Above the telephone line is a current day telephone jack faceplate.   I had the impression it was attached to a modern day phone that had long ago been removed because beside it all is a very tall telephone table, the kind you would find at gmaw’s house.

Somewhere along the line, pun not intended, someone plugged the dangling line into telephone wall jack.  Whaalaa, it somehow connected to the old antique phone that you see above to a live line resulting in a dial tone!  This building never fails to amaze me.  While Ms Pat was on the phone in the gift shop I ran up to the hotel and picked up the receiver and just like that we were connected, just a dial tone between us.

As you know I am not a believer in earth bound spirits.  At this point, I am almost convinced Ms. Pat and I have solved the mystery.  Someone did pick up the extension, which we now know is upstairs in the hall.  The only thing that stands in the way of  me being fully satisfied with our discovery…. none of our guest had checked in for the night.  Somewhere in the back of my mind, I can still hear Ms. Pat, I believe in ghost, I believe in ghost, I …..

In the last week, the owner and I experienced one creepy together and I was stunned, no beyond stunned, at what happened in our arcade! Those stories are to come.  I also have the full story of Mr. Jenkins and how he met his demise.

**  In all reality, I know there are logical explanations for every odd thing that happens in this 1935 building.  I hope you find the Jenkin’s stories as entertaining to read as they are to write.  Our hotel, mall and gift shops are delightful to be in.  There is a positive vibe throughout this old building.  The funky things that happen around here are true but is it a ghost, who knows??

Good Morning

It has been a while since I have posted and there is a good reason for that.  I started yet another job.  This one has taken the place of the other two I had.  It is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever worked.  There are so many twists and turns mixed with a little history and the super natural that I started a blog to capture it all, not only for the hotel but for me too.  If you would like to see what I have been up to please check out http://www.cloudcrofthotelblog.com

You will see where I work and live, meet the people I work around, and get to know the antics of Mr. Jenkins.  Mr. Jenkins, that is where the super natural part kicks in. This blog is also used for running our specials because our business website is run by an administrator that is not on location.  It usually takes three weeks to get any thing done.  I figured why not run a blog and include the package specials, introduce people to our village and be in control of when and how it is done.

I hope you will enjoy visiting this new site and will continue to drop in.  Please, please let me know what ,if anything else, I could add to the hotel blog.  This is a new concept for me and I need all the direction and advise I can get.  Your input and ideas are not only welcomed they are desperately needed.

Love to you all


***in case I am not back before Thanksgiving I want to post my “I’m thankful for” now. **

I am thankful for this WordPress community that has accepted me for all that I am.  From misspelled words to grammar faux pas, you have embraced me and made me feel important.   For me, you have been my sounding board,  at times my only source of entertainment, my friends that have opened their homes, hearts and minds for me to be apart of and I sincerely thank you all.  May you all have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

Five things or How Did They Get Here?

Five things I learned last month:  I learned that even the best laid plans can change.  The best thing to do is just tuck & roll with it until you see what you bump into.

I learned that my Stella may be braver than I thought.  She got her ear pierced…in the cartilage part.  They told me to come into the punchering room with her but after a quick scan of the waiting room I said “H3ll no!!! I will wait.  There is no one here big enough to pick my rather large caboose up off the floor, thank you.”

I learned that my 14 year old female Chihuahua’s can still go into heat and our neutered male has no idea that he lost his marbles around 1 year  old.  If I were a scientist, I would be learning how to bottle that libido.  I can see dollar signs.

I learned that twitter is not for me.  I might be too old for it. I am long winded and it is sort of like talking to my husband. It refuses to let me finish my sentences!

And finally, I learned that no matter how old you get your life is rich when you have someone to share it with…………….

But How Did They Get Here?

While waiting on my car to be fixed a little old man and little old woman walk in. She can hardly stand or walk.  Her steps are mere inches apart.  It took her a good 15 minutes to walk 25 feet.  Her little legs have bruises and sores on them.  He is much much quicker and races ahead to open the door for his honey.  They finally get in and set down in the waiting room.  After a few seconds the Mister says to the Wife, ‘Honey where are we again?’  She reminds him they are at the car dealership getting their vehicle repaired. 


She gets all settled in and whopped out her crossword puzzle and he asked, ‘Honey where did you say we are again?’  She looks annoyed and yells at him,  ‘IN THE WAITING ROOM.’  He looked enlightened but embarrassed.    A few minutes later he says, ‘There she is honey, there she is.’  Wife looks around the corner surprised at the speed in which they repaired the damage.  She looks back at him again with the eye.  She then informs him, ‘We drove the truck in today. That is not our car it is not even the right color.’  She went back to her crossword he twiddled his thumbs.

All of a sudden I realize he is in the throes of dementia.

‘Honey, I have to go to the bathroom.’  She gives him directions.  When he stands up she grabs him and informs him he forgot to zip his pants this morning.  She then gave me the eye, I divert my gaze to escape her daggery stare.   She grabs him by the waste, and fixed his britches like he were a kid, then sends him on his way….. alone. 

Time passes and he is nowhere to be seen.  I start getting a wee bit nervous but my eyes remain fixed on my newspaper.   Correction my upside down newspaper.

He returns and sits down again. ‘ Honey,  did you say we are at the doctors office?’  She ignores him.  Then she says, ‘My legs are hurting so much today.’  I take a quick glance to see her poor little swollen legs, ugly.  She tells him she is going to take a pain pill and with that she gulps a couple  down in one swift swallow.  He says, ‘Okay dear what ever you need.’

A PAIN PILL!  Then all of a sudden it hits me,  My lawd,  how in the world did they get here and more importantly how are they getting home??

Two hours, one more trip to the bathroom, and many more questions later the car Tech brings them their keys.  The tech tells them they had to order one little part so they will have to bring it back.  Apparently, they damaged a part near the opening of the gas tank when they drove off with the nozzle  still installed in the tank!  I thought that only happened in the movies.   Mister asked Wife, ‘Honey would you like to drive this time?

WOULD YOU LIKE TO DRIVE THIS TIME????? Lawd help us all.  

My tech has just walked in and tells me basically the same thing.  My part has to be ordered and I will have to return.  NO, I did not run off with the pump.  We are all standing there getting our stuff ready to roll but I just can’t leave until I find out who is driving!  I sit back down acting as if I had an important text to take care of and waited.  Unfortunately, the Wife is so slow in getting out of the waiting room that my presence was starting to look a little odd so I went to my car.

Wait for it….wait for it.  Mister and Wife emerge.


He is holding on to Wife’s little arm then all of a sudden he shoots off toward the truck yelling , ‘SHOT GUN!’   This truck is not just any old truck, it is a Monster Truck with a 3 foot lift kit and monster tractor tires on it!  Needless to say, I was in shock.  Wife was left to hobble behind.  She finally made it to the truck and stood there.  Her Mister jumped out of his seat ran around and hoisted her up into her seat.  He then ran back to his side, jumped in and  away they drove off both wearing grins!

Until next time, keep looking for the fun in life with the ones we have.  Because even if our love ones drive us crazy, they also could be the ones that drive us home….with a grin.


QB and her reaction
to my quiche.

Myrtle May Long, Long Gone

Oh the memories, the memories.  Myrtle May homely and white… what a gal.  She was always there for me.  If ever I had a spontaneous thought, she was right there to encourage me to go for it.  She was more than willing to ride out the storms that came and went.  She was there when I would break out in uncontrollable laughter.  She was there for me to lean on, to cry on.  When I found myself missing my grands she took me to see them.  She took me to take care of my son while he was in cancer treatment.  She carried me to my dad’s funeral.  She absolutely loved to go camping.  She was hardy and robust; she could pull a hill that made most men shiver.  I loved Myrtle May.

In 2012, she lost all control.  It was raining one morning.  She and I were percolating along until she hit the old treacherous stuff we call black ice.  She never saw it coming.  Off we went about 12 feet down.  She kept me cradled and snug.  I walked away without a scratch.  Myrtle was not so lucky.  She was unable to move on her own.

I begged the techs to not let her died.  They said they would do what they could but it really depended on the insurance and what they were willing to approve. (Typical, right?)  I cried as they took her away.  Hub thought the worst, as did everyone else.  Two months went by and still no word.  Hub took it upon himself to try and take my mind off of her.  He decided to bring a new man into my life, Chris.  Hub introduced me to him on the night before Christmas.  He was there, in the garage, with nothing on but a big green bow.  Not a word was spoken.  My emotions were mixed.  I looked at my husband with disbelief.  He was worried.  He did not know how I was going to react to this new man he had brought into my life.  All at once the reality of Myrtle May not pulling through hit me like a ton of bricks.  Husband’s eyes were apologizing for the loss but he encouraged me to befriend Chris.  I gave Chris the once over.  I asked Hub where he came from.  I mean he looked so sleek…so different.  Then I looked at my husband.  I ran to him, I squeezed his neck; I kissed him all over and thanked him for his thoughtfulness.

I did lose Myrtle May but not to the accident.  I hooked her up with a younger man.  The first time he saw her he feel in love and promised to care for her as much as I did.  She and he can be spotted around town every now and then.  You never see him without a big smile on his face when they are together.  It was a good decision to be the matchmaker for those two.  And Me?  Well, Chris and I can’t be happier.  He definitely knows how to treat a lady.  He is handsome, smooth and rugged just like I like ‘em.  Wait, are you wondering about Hub and how he fits into this threesome? Well, in the driver’s seat of course.  Other than a little bling on the steering wheel he is crazy about Chris too.

Please let me introduce you to Chris

Chris, it is short for Christmas Present

Chris, it is short for Christmas Present


Stella loves him too.  She says he reminds her of Santa’s big red sleigh.  She also pointed out the turn signal sounds just like reindeer hoofs clomping on the ground.  By golly, she is right, it does.   And just like Santa’s sleigh it will never get lost because we have a star named SYNC to guide our way.

Soon I will be going back to Memphis for my granddaughter’s graduation.  This will be a true test of his manhood because not only is he taking me he is also carrying my three girlfriends and their luggage!   I hope he can handle all this Womanly Awesomeness.

Note: I wrote about the new car back at Christmas but I wanted to follow up with the conclusion of Myrle May.  Also, our busy season is about to start so I have no idea when I will post again; however, I will be reading all of yours as they come in.  Later, Ruthie

Freshly Laundered


A couple of days ago I read an article on The Daily Post and came to the conclusion that I will never be featured on WordPress‘s Freshly Pressed, of that I have no doubt.  To start with, I can not spell and my use of grammar is, well lets just say, iffy at best.   If my professors could see my blog they would have to ask how in the name of all that is academically sound did that girl ever pass English?  All I can say is that it was all by the grace of God that I got out of there with decent grades.   Not only am I dealing with that problem, I am inconsistent with my posts.  If nothing happens to me, there is nothing to write about.  And lets face it, the blog content of the life and times of Life is a bowl of Kibble is not profound or earth shaking.

I started writing on Blogspot.com.  I wrote like I did in college.  I would get a comment once in a blue moon but it was for some Work At Home opportunities.  I had one follower and that was my bestest friend.   I tried writing articles of importance, editorials of current events, the weather, anything I could think of that would catch the interest of the masses.  Deafening Silence .  But how could that be?  I could command a room full of people if ever asked to speak at a gathering.  I could talk on various topics and never see a fidgety person.  WHY could I not reach out and grab the attention of some wonderful reader that can’t wait to tell me how great the story was or to cuss me out because I wrote something that was propaganda worthy?   Because, I am a southerner.   I have a southern rhythm that you could not hear in writing .  I speak with an accent that most can’t understand and I dare say that some can’t stand to hear.  I am not lecturer.  I do not have some divine knowledge that can peek a tear or move a soul.  I am a bit on the airhead side,  full of adventure,  I flirt when I talk and use my accent to its fullest potential and with all that southern flirt I found I could make people laugh.  In a world of daily tragedies, laughter is a universal sign of hope and goodwill.  It motivates me to look for the funny in life.  It moves me and it can peek a tear from my eyes to hear a person laugh even in the face of death. (r.i.p. mom)  With this realization, I changed my writing style and blog home.  Unfortunately, I could not change my fundamentally challenged grammar and in a way I do not seek to.  It makes me…me.  And this is just a part of the many reasons I would never be considered for Freshly Pressed.

Would I really want to be freshly pressed?  Well when I started blogging, on WordPress.com, I read a Pressed article about being Subscribed into Submission.  Heck, I know that feeling.  I Hit 90 subscribers in just months of starting this blog and it scared the bajesus out of me.  I could not think of a thing to write.  I felt an overwhelming responsibly to all the good people that liked me as much as I liked me.  (wink)    I could tell stories to folks in the park or at the store without a hitch but putting me, the real me, into words time after time was HARD.  This ambitious undertaking was doing me in, hence the lack of daily, weekly or sometimes monthly post.  This is yet another reason I will never make it.  I have come to the conclusion that my subscribers, my followers make me feel Freshly Pressed everytime they like or comment.  They are what makes me feel good each time I hit publish.  They accept me for me with all my spelling and structural  mistakes.  Thank you for making me feel worthy enough to come into your life.

To conclude, I now declare myself as being Freshly Laundered by all that follow me.  May I never let you down and always keep you laughing or at least donning a smile.


Love who you are

Another shorty:

As you know by now I am battling with a living diet.  I know, that so sounds like an oxymoron but so is losing weight.  I am going on two trips this year.  One to Santa Fe and then one to Memphis.  I need new clothes……

On the way down the hill today I tell Stella I need clothes for my Santa Fe trip. She yells , then go buy you some! I say I am so big nothing looks good. She ponders this for a minute then says,  Mom go to one of those big and tall store. Nothing will fit but instead of hating yourself for being fat you could love yourself for not being big enough. I love her mind ♥


Cock-a-doodle-do Cantina

I recently got an email that had suggestions of blog ideas.  One was from Mama Kat.  She said to “Show me your Kitchen”  I liked it.


I have a Cock-a-Doodle-Do Cantina.  I have no idea how it got started but it did.


When I was young I always wanted a farm so I could have chickens.  However, we built our house in a community that did not allow farm animals of any sort.  How sad.


I managed to find a rooster or two when we built our house and was content.

IMG_3467But then something happened.  My mother-in-law started sending me these cute little Mexican roosters.  How cute right?


My view from the kitchen sink


Then one day I took a look around and realized these little cocks had taken over.

  I had roosters standing guard from above…


I even had a rooster that partake of the drink while standing guard


And to keep all of those cock-a-doodle-dos in line and to watch over the goods, I have an itty bitty.  SuzieQ takes her job seriously.


ooops, sorry officer

In October, I took a few days off of work and off the radar.  No iPad or computer just my friends and me.  We went to a geocaching event in Las Cruces.  I was so excited to get out of town that I left early that morning for a 2 hour drive.  I went to the hotel with my conformation number and was denied access to my room. Why? Because I did not make the reservation with my credit card.  One of the other girls did and I had to wait for her before they would let me check  in.  Something about room theft.  UGH!

romanclockShe was not going to be in town until 5:00 p.m. and I was there at 7:30 in the a.m..  I know, I know I was just a wee bit eager.  I decided to eat breakfast, go to the mall and to Walmart to pick up a few things I forgot i.e. toothpaste, toothbrush, socks and a jacket.  Oh, and a pair of P.J’s with house shoes, deodorant, makeup and something to put in all in.  Okay so I forgot my suitcase in the haste to get the heck out of Dodge.  I added in a few more items paid and was heading to my car when I hit the geocaching button on my Smart phone.  Low and behold a cache was right there in the parking lot of Walmart!

Mr. M  a.k.a Hub just bought me a new handheld GPS for this trip but unfortunately it had a corrupt satellite chip in it.  It was very disappointing but I did have my iPhone app.  The one thing about my phone is it does not always tell me the direction in which to walk.  Most of the time you have to start walking and watch the distance count down. The results sometimes make you look like a chicken with its head cut off.   It is a pain but when you get on the right track it doesn’t take long to find ground zero.

I drove to the far side of the parking lot and jumped out of the car.  I started walking north then west….nope it appeared to be south.  I walked south but before I could take 30 steps it was telling me northeast.  I was really hoping no one was watching.  Finally, I was on the right track.  My compass took me to a three tiered wall.  Each tier was about 6 feet high.  At one end was a semi-truck.  It provided excellent cover for what was turning out to be a scene right out of the three stooges minus Moe and Curly.  I do a lot of walking but all that exercise has not translated into weight loss…AT ALL.  For some strange reason I thought I was 105 pounds and 22 again. I thought I could pull myself up this 6 and a half foot wall.  I gave a little hop and missed the side.  I gave another jump and found the edge of that 7 foot wall.  My arms just hung there with me attached for what felt like a good 5 minutes.  I tried to swing my legs side to side…thinking that I could hook my foot on the ever growing 8 foot high wall.  There was lead in them there boots.  I just hung there.  I started thinking how ridiculous I looked and eventually  let go and stood back to access the situation.  Compass said it was 43 feet away.  I decided to use the stairs on the other side to get to the top tier then try to jump to the middle tier.  From the bottom it did not seem so high, but from the top that 9 foot tier wall was mighty intimidating. It was just too far for me to risk breaking a hip.  I went back down to the bottom.  I noticed a slope and two large stones at one end.  I ran over and crawled up the slope, pushed the boulders to the wall and hopped up to the second tier.

Well alrighty, I made it!  I started walking toward the center of the tiers.  I soon became aware that I was no longer in the cover of the big 18 wheeler.  I tried to hurry but the stupid GPS kept telling me it was down one more tier.  I managed to reposition the large rocks to the next one down, hopped up again, turned around and there he was.  Officer “BIG”.  He had a big patrol car, a big billy club and a big belly that jiggled when he wiggled.  He was an officer of the parking lot and an employee of Walmart, what we in America call a rent-a-cop.  First question out of his lips, “What are you doing up there?” Second question, “How in the world did you get up there?”  Third, a demand, “Get down from there right now!”   Before he could get out another question or demand I asked him, “Do you know where it is?”  With a bewildered look he asked, ” What?”  “The cache!” I tell him.  You could tell he had no idea what in the world I was talking about.  I tell him to give me 5 more minutes to find a small little treasure then I would be on my way.  While he was still stunned with my southern defiance, I told him all about geocaching.  I told him HE needed to get up here and help me (insert sad face complete with puckered bottom lip and the art of stalling)… so I can get off the wall, I demand/requested.  He informs me that all that geocaching sounds like fun but he was entirely too big to get up there (and boy was he) and he then informs me with a slight tone  of a threat, if I did not come down NOW I would have to be detained for trespassing.

I just kept looking all the while talking to him telling him how much fun it is to play this game.  I was telling him it is like finding gold, and before long he started getting into it.   He began pointing me in this direction and that direction to have a look at what he could see from the parking lot.  Then another car shows up, a second rent-a-cop.  He informs me we are being filmed with the Walmart parking lot cameras.  Ooops, sorry officer. I jump down and apologize to Officer “Big” for not jumping down when told.  He quickly and quietly said it was okay then asked if I was coming back to try to find it again later.  I looked at him and just smiled.  He winked.  He then told me to go inside the office next time and tell them I lost my engagement ring up there and to ask for permission to find it.  He tells me that is what his report is going to say about this encounter.  Officer Big is a very cool rent-a-cop.

I gave the big old lug a hug and was on my way.  Nope, I never went back but on my way out of town I thought I saw Officer Big in the parking lot with a GPS.  I think I converted another one.  Happy New Year Y’all


Holy Mother of Pearl!

I am not one to take to a kind gesture.  I can commit random acts of kindness but only anonymously. And when I receive… it freaks me out mainly because it rarely happens.  Doubt shrouds my mind, “What is going on?”  “Why did they do that?”  “I am not sure I am comfortable with this.”  I have been jaded throughout my life so I hope you can understand when I awoke and saw this I went crazy with anger.


there is a photo behind this symbol

ANGER, you might ask?   Yes anger.  You see  last week I wrecked my car.  I begged them not to total my completely paid off car.  Our new budget would not allow for a second car payment.  We needed to keep on keeping on in the same way as the last 4 years.

Fast forward to day before yesterday.  Insurance adjuster gave the go ahead on the repairs NOT TOTALED.  Yippee.  Next day they called again and told us the estimate may be too low. Oh no!  I told Mr. M that I would rather walk the 16 miles to work than have two car notes.  He agreed.

still no peeking


I slept so sound last night.  I did not wake up one time.  I stayed cool and no early morning bathroom lights in the eye.  Heaven.  Next thing I know M is in the room with a cup of coffee, a smile and my slippers.  “Get up!”  he says.  “It is time to get up, hurry get out of bed full day ahead.”

In my mind there is no way it is time to get up.  I just went to sleep for goodness sake.  Soon he was back with my ROBE.  I shuffle into the kitchen.  There he stood with a smile from ear to ear.  One that could put you in the mind of the cat from Cat in the Hat.  “Come with me.” he says.  I follow but not before passing a clock 4:45 in the freaking morning!  In the A.M. as in so early there was not a ray of light in the sky NO WAIT.. IN THE WORLD!  I start yelling I don’t have to be at work until 9:50 A.M.

He says nothing and drags me to the carport.  I laid my eyes upon this and felt blinded with rage!


Yes rage.  I thought we were on the same page.  I thought we were a united force.  I thought… I thought… I felt like every cell in my body was  quivering with bull red anger.  I felt I needed to faint to escape the betrayal I was feeling.  Instead. I opened my mouth to let the profanity spew out but he jerked his hand up. “It was Santa Claus.” he blurts out.   (Of course, Santa Claus is a faux name because this Santa wishes to remain anonymous too.)  “We do not have to repay until we pay off the car loan we have right now.”  he says with an unsure voice.

OH MY GOSH.  What is going on? I looked at him hard.  He is bracing for round two.  Instead I wrapped my arms around him and planted a big old kiss on him.  He hugs me back with an embrace that would pop the eyes out of any Pekingese.  He held me for a moment longer than normal. It felt good.  He was happy to have me speechless for once in our marriage. And I was happy to hug him back without any words other than thank you.

I get to work and a harpist walks in and ask us if it would be okay if he brings his harp in to play for us and the shopping customers. Gosh yes, we say.  Then my daughter decided to grace us with her presence today at work.  While there, she fixed the store computer!

Okay let me recap, new car that we do not have to repay until present loan is finished, a harpist playing the most beautiful Christmas music every heard and Stella  fixed a computer that I have been working on for a couple of weeks.  Then it hits me.  Yesterday was the end of the world.  12-21-12 3:11 p.m. END OF THE WORLD.  Suddenly I start to experience a psychotic break.  Maybe this is nothing more than an eternal dream.  Maybe the blast, that I never felt, through me into another dimension. Or more than likely I was dreaming.  I pinched myself.


I feel nothing.  So I bit myself.   HARD.  Crap that hurt.  I ran over to the next store.  I asked my friend if he is really real.  Internally, I am really freaking out.  He says yes and gives me a look of, You are a complete LOON.   I walk back to my store…stunned.  My goodness,  I think this could really be true.  I start to tremble and feel very grateful for my kind Santa and for my Mr. M.  I am thankful for the man from nowhere that came in the mall to bring us the joyful sounds of Christmas, and for my awesomely intelligent daughter.

I am a lucky woman.  Merry Christmas Everyone.  My new car.  She is not my Mrytle May but I love her.