Cock-a-doodle-do Cantina

I recently got an email that had suggestions of blog ideas.  One was from Mama Kat.  She said to “Show me your Kitchen”  I liked it.


I have a Cock-a-Doodle-Do Cantina.  I have no idea how it got started but it did.


When I was young I always wanted a farm so I could have chickens.  However, we built our house in a community that did not allow farm animals of any sort.  How sad.


I managed to find a rooster or two when we built our house and was content.

IMG_3467But then something happened.  My mother-in-law started sending me these cute little Mexican roosters.  How cute right?


My view from the kitchen sink


Then one day I took a look around and realized these little cocks had taken over.

  I had roosters standing guard from above…


I even had a rooster that partake of the drink while standing guard


And to keep all of those cock-a-doodle-dos in line and to watch over the goods, I have an itty bitty.  SuzieQ takes her job seriously.



aMusing Mondays: SO SHOOT ME

Today I was reminded again of a story I mentioned in a previous post. This took place in Memphis last year and another adventure was on the horizon with the GK’s, things 1 and 2.

There were a couple of reasons I was in Memphis one was to take care of my mom. This morning was one of those great-memaw days for my grand kids. The boy’s and I were going over to visit and bring her some lunch. Thing 1 was stung by two or three devilish wasp on her front porch two days prior. I thought I had killed them all, after they got me, but apparently not. He was scared to death to go back over there. The GK’s wanted me to buy them both a Gameboy game to play while there, “to make them braver”. Now, just picture two little boys 6 and 7, big brown eyes, bottom lips just a quivering and a little cracking in their voice pleading for bravery. I said NO. I told them to just take two out of the hundreds they already have.

Well, one Game Stop store and two new Gameboy games later we were having a good visit with mom. Mom gave them 5 dollars each. I told them to give their G-Memaw a big old kiss, a warm hug and to say thank you. They froze in their tracks and gave me a look to end all looks. It just so happened mom did not have her teeth in that day. In fact, we had woken her up and she was still in the bed with bed head and less than favorable breath. They gave me that look that said you owe us MoMo. But like good little babies they did as told. As soon as we got back into the car, they informed me we were going back to Game Stop. NO, I tell them, it is hot and we needed to eat.

Well, another visit to Game Stop and two more used game later, we were heading to KFC. (shhh now, don’t say it. I mean I did owe them) On our way we passed a park. There were loud oooooo’s and aaaahhh’s from the back seat. They began chanting ” We want to play. We want to play.” I told them I did not want to stop because it is just TOO HOT. I told them their MoMo was not used to all this sun, high temps and sticky humidity. It was almost more than an old women could take.

Well, forty-five minutes later we are heading home after eating our KFC picnic and play time in the park. This time I was determined to not give in to any other demands. I told them we were playing the quite game all the way home and who ever wins gets a dollar. “A DOLLLLLARRRRR??” questioned thing 2. “How ’bout 5.00 and we got a deal.” he negotiated . (a kid after my own heart)

Well, 10.00 later (it was a tie, and YES, I know I am whooped) I realized somewhere between the 2nd trip to the Game Stop place and the park that I was fighting a losing battle with them and to cut my losses with any sum money they demanded. I did enjoyed silence all the way home.

Big brown eyes, pleading little voices, hugs and many many kisses are just too hard for to a MoMo to resist. –so shoot me

Until next time