Another Jenkins Story

This morning I arrived at the hotel early.  Today was the day. The day we were having satellite tv installed.  In the last few days, we have had a lot of changes.  I have been told that Mr. Jenkins does not like change.  After a day like today, I would have to believe that statement…. if I believed in ghost.

Every morning I have the same routine.  I walk in turn on the lights, open the gate to the mall, then walk down the hall  to  unlock and open the arcade doors, grab the trash then return to the gift shop.  This morning was no different, until I checked the garbage in the arcade.  When I walked in I immediately noticed some thing was very WRONG!

We have a pinball machine that is not in use at this time. In fact, we are trying to sell the vintage machine.  (Call me if you are interested 575-682-3414.)  This morning I found THIS.


The pinball machine had been moved across the floor.  In fact, it had been pushed all the way to the opposite side of the wall pressed against a window.  By the way, that window is where the coffin, I sold a few days ago, was sitting.


Needless to say, I was a little bit shocked at first.  Then, I remembered my maintenance man had to address a power outage in one of our rooms.  We have several fuse boxes scattered all over the building.  I figured he was looking at all boxes trying to find the right one.  There is a fuse box behind the pinball machine.

I called our maintenance man to come move it back.  I then asked why he left it pulled out.  I figured he forgot about it in all the excitement of the power outage.   He looked at me with all honesty and said he never came in the arcade that night.  He said he did not even know there was a fuse box behind the pinball machine.  That started me thinking.  We did have an electrician come one morning.  I know he checked in the arcade because he knows where all of our boxes are.  He was trying to find a box with enough space to add an air curtain.  It had to have been him.

About this time I was feeling pretty  proud of myself for figuring it out, but something was still bothering me.  I added a time line to further convince myself I was right.  It was Monday night when the power blew and our maintenance man came out to find the box.  Plus, he swears he never walked into the arcade nor did he know about the box.  It was Wednesday morning the electrician came out.  They were here until about 12:30 p.m.  That was on a Wednesday…this was Friday.  How could I have not noticed that rearrangement for three days??  I mean the garbage can is almost sitting on top of that pinball machine.  Twice a day I go in there.  There are two businesses back there that use the garbage can in the arcade.  NO ONE said any thing about it nor did they see it pulled out from the wall for almost three days.  How could that be?

Well, I believe I still have some splaining to do Ricky.  Oh and by the way, I am the only one with a key to the arcade.


Now at anytime you think these stories should not be shared on our Hotel blog YOU HAVE TO TELL ME,. Please


Spooky or Not

As you know from the previous post, I have started a new job at a hotel.  It is a beautiful building that not only is a hotel, it has a mall on the bottom floor and a gift shop.  The building is rich in history and murder.  I now write for the hotel blog and I want to share a few stories but I don’t want to be tagged as a GHOST hotel, even if there are quirky happenings in and around the building.

I thought I would run a few of the stories I have written for the hotel  on my blog first and see if I can get some feed back.  Main question, Is this too spooky to put on a business blog?

and now    ……  In the Hall pt1

In the hall of the mall we have several antiques, most of which, for sale.  Items like old copper pots and pans, spurs, and old ford wrenches.  Down a bit further we have larger items an old radio, lanterns, a coffin, a very old wheelchair and much more.


In the hall of the mall a few nights ago we had a man spot an item that intrigued him.  He saw the old wooden coffin standing upright next to the wheelchair.  He had to have the coffin.   He asked  Ms P, at the front desk, if we would take less for it.  She called me, the gentleman and I came to an agreement on price and he left with the beautiful old cherry wood casket.  Shortly after that things started to get a little strange.

Mountain Comforts owner, Elizabeth, came in the next morning telling me that Mr. Jenkins has been very active.  She has been catching glimpses of his shadow all throughout the day.   She goes on to tell me other interesting things she has seen in the past 14 plus years.  Don’t worry,  I will be passing them on to you in the coming months.

I then decide to tell her about the night we sold the coffin.  Ms P called me at home that evening.  I spoke with the man over the phone.  After our discussion, he pulls his truck around to the double doors and prepares his truck for the loading of the casket.  As we are talking, I hear what sounds like Ms. Pat falling down or dropping her receiver.  After all the banging, rattling, and scuffling I hear Ms.P say, “How Rude.”  What? I asked.   She says, “Sounds like someone picked up your extension.”

Dead silence.

  I then tell her, “Ms. P that is impossible.  I am on my cell phone and you are on the only hotel phone.”

Dead silence.

We were both a tiny bit freaked.  I told Ms. P maybe Mr. Jenkins might be a bit upset that we sold his possible resting place.

  BBBrrrr, is it cold in here?