Five things or How Did They Get Here?

Five things I learned last month:  I learned that even the best laid plans can change.  The best thing to do is just tuck & roll with it until you see what you bump into.

I learned that my Stella may be braver than I thought.  She got her ear pierced…in the cartilage part.  They told me to come into the punchering room with her but after a quick scan of the waiting room I said “H3ll no!!! I will wait.  There is no one here big enough to pick my rather large caboose up off the floor, thank you.”

I learned that my 14 year old female Chihuahua’s can still go into heat and our neutered male has no idea that he lost his marbles around 1 year  old.  If I were a scientist, I would be learning how to bottle that libido.  I can see dollar signs.

I learned that twitter is not for me.  I might be too old for it. I am long winded and it is sort of like talking to my husband. It refuses to let me finish my sentences!

And finally, I learned that no matter how old you get your life is rich when you have someone to share it with…………….

But How Did They Get Here?

While waiting on my car to be fixed a little old man and little old woman walk in. She can hardly stand or walk.  Her steps are mere inches apart.  It took her a good 15 minutes to walk 25 feet.  Her little legs have bruises and sores on them.  He is much much quicker and races ahead to open the door for his honey.  They finally get in and set down in the waiting room.  After a few seconds the Mister says to the Wife, ‘Honey where are we again?’  She reminds him they are at the car dealership getting their vehicle repaired. 


She gets all settled in and whopped out her crossword puzzle and he asked, ‘Honey where did you say we are again?’  She looks annoyed and yells at him,  ‘IN THE WAITING ROOM.’  He looked enlightened but embarrassed.    A few minutes later he says, ‘There she is honey, there she is.’  Wife looks around the corner surprised at the speed in which they repaired the damage.  She looks back at him again with the eye.  She then informs him, ‘We drove the truck in today. That is not our car it is not even the right color.’  She went back to her crossword he twiddled his thumbs.

All of a sudden I realize he is in the throes of dementia.

‘Honey, I have to go to the bathroom.’  She gives him directions.  When he stands up she grabs him and informs him he forgot to zip his pants this morning.  She then gave me the eye, I divert my gaze to escape her daggery stare.   She grabs him by the waste, and fixed his britches like he were a kid, then sends him on his way….. alone. 

Time passes and he is nowhere to be seen.  I start getting a wee bit nervous but my eyes remain fixed on my newspaper.   Correction my upside down newspaper.

He returns and sits down again. ‘ Honey,  did you say we are at the doctors office?’  She ignores him.  Then she says, ‘My legs are hurting so much today.’  I take a quick glance to see her poor little swollen legs, ugly.  She tells him she is going to take a pain pill and with that she gulps a couple  down in one swift swallow.  He says, ‘Okay dear what ever you need.’

A PAIN PILL!  Then all of a sudden it hits me,  My lawd,  how in the world did they get here and more importantly how are they getting home??

Two hours, one more trip to the bathroom, and many more questions later the car Tech brings them their keys.  The tech tells them they had to order one little part so they will have to bring it back.  Apparently, they damaged a part near the opening of the gas tank when they drove off with the nozzle  still installed in the tank!  I thought that only happened in the movies.   Mister asked Wife, ‘Honey would you like to drive this time?

WOULD YOU LIKE TO DRIVE THIS TIME????? Lawd help us all.  

My tech has just walked in and tells me basically the same thing.  My part has to be ordered and I will have to return.  NO, I did not run off with the pump.  We are all standing there getting our stuff ready to roll but I just can’t leave until I find out who is driving!  I sit back down acting as if I had an important text to take care of and waited.  Unfortunately, the Wife is so slow in getting out of the waiting room that my presence was starting to look a little odd so I went to my car.

Wait for it….wait for it.  Mister and Wife emerge.


He is holding on to Wife’s little arm then all of a sudden he shoots off toward the truck yelling , ‘SHOT GUN!’   This truck is not just any old truck, it is a Monster Truck with a 3 foot lift kit and monster tractor tires on it!  Needless to say, I was in shock.  Wife was left to hobble behind.  She finally made it to the truck and stood there.  Her Mister jumped out of his seat ran around and hoisted her up into her seat.  He then ran back to his side, jumped in and  away they drove off both wearing grins!

Until next time, keep looking for the fun in life with the ones we have.  Because even if our love ones drive us crazy, they also could be the ones that drive us home….with a grin.


QB and her reaction
to my quiche.


love is in the air

It all started on Friday of last week.  Mr. M parked his truck outside because the garage is full of summer vehicles i.e. riding lawnmower, golf cart and my car.  He just happened to peek out of the den window and saw several Bluebirds sitting on his truck.  Every once in a while they would fly around in a frenzy, cheep and then settle back down.  Everyday he would complain about this because not only were they sitting on his truck they were also leaving behind, umm let’s just say, they were white washing his ride.

When Mr. M told me about this odd behavior I was convinced they were eating the bugs off his windows and doors.  I suggested he wash it and he did.  Next day this happened again.  This time we went out together and washed it.  Within hours, there was a lone bird back again.   Mr. M was about fed up with the whole thing and threaten to remove my car from the garage and park his inside.  I finally walked over to the window to see for myself.  Immediately, I knew what was going on. It was not bugs at all.  After days of several birds flying all over his truck this little Western Bluebird was the only one left and he was still trying to court my husband’s truck.  To be more accurate, he was courting his own reflection!

He is a determined little fellow.  The wind has picked up to about 40 miles per hour and he is still courting.   Not only did he try to make out with the truck he also tried to join us in the den.  We were watching television when all of a sudden we heard a very distinct knock at the window and a little bluebird’s head peeping in.  WOW

Click on the link to see video I shot of the little love sick creature.

Love is where your children are

Here is a little shorty that touched my heart.

As most of you know, I love geocaching.  Most of my stories are from the experiences that I have gotten from this game.  Never heard of this game?  Then check it out at   Not only do I enjoy finding little caches, I also enjoy hiding them and this is where this story begins.

For Christmas, my employer’s son gave me a couple of travel bugs.  Travel bugs are little coins or dog tags with a mission that you decide on.  You hide them in existing caches for people to pick up and move along so it can accomplish its goal.  I finally came up with a name, “Love Is Where Your Children Are” and a goal of it making its way to my son in Memphis Tn.  I also invited geocachers along the way to add something to the chain that is attached to the travel bug.  Just something little that represented the love they have for their children.

Last week I set out to geocache along hwy 54 and 380.  I had a great day and at the last cache I stopped at I found a geocoin.  I normally don’t take anything from the cache boxes I find so I normally do not have anything to trade.  I really wanted to move this geocoin along because it had been sitting there for quite some time.  I ran back to my car and found only one thing, the travel bug that Jason had given me.  I really wanted to hold on to it for a while but I decided to use it for its purpose and send it on its way.  I figured it would be there for a while because not a lot of people geocache in the winter.

Next morning I received an email from a person that picked it up the very next day. This is what it said:

 Picked up this little TB and will add a little something in memory of our little Dustin who had CP and was taken from us way too soon this last year. He had the most beautiful laugh and smiling eyes and had just started geocaching…….he loved the outdoors! We will move this on to a TB Hotel on Interstate 25 so that it will get headed towards your son.

I have cried all day.

It did not take long before another cacher found it.  Each time a person takes it, they have to write a little something about it.  She jotted down a short note that she had found it and the previous person (above) had added a little stuffed puppy that Dustin loved.  She did not know the goal of the travel bug but loved the puppy that was attached.  It was not until later she read the entry about Dustin.  She promised to place it in a children’s cache box.

We are all connected in beautiful complicated ways that we just can’t comprehend.  I am so happy that I am connected to you guys too.


WIW: lost

Cock-a-doodle-do Cantina

I recently got an email that had suggestions of blog ideas.  One was from Mama Kat.  She said to “Show me your Kitchen”  I liked it.


I have a Cock-a-Doodle-Do Cantina.  I have no idea how it got started but it did.


When I was young I always wanted a farm so I could have chickens.  However, we built our house in a community that did not allow farm animals of any sort.  How sad.


I managed to find a rooster or two when we built our house and was content.

IMG_3467But then something happened.  My mother-in-law started sending me these cute little Mexican roosters.  How cute right?


My view from the kitchen sink


Then one day I took a look around and realized these little cocks had taken over.

  I had roosters standing guard from above…


I even had a rooster that partake of the drink while standing guard


And to keep all of those cock-a-doodle-dos in line and to watch over the goods, I have an itty bitty.  SuzieQ takes her job seriously.


Yeah Right! Opposites Fight!

As promised the last little tid bit from “Letters to my Children”.  I can’t tell you how much I have loved and appreciated having Tony in my life and on my blog.  He and his family is so special to me and I pray often that the book deal comes through soon.  I can’t wait to  look on the shelves of Hastings to find him at arm’s length.  Thank you Tony for making me apart of this venture and for sending me this letter when I thought all love was lost. You gave me the hope I needed.   I have enjoyed this road of friendship we have shared and I look forward to many more mile markers..

Yeah Right!  Opposites fight!

by: Tony Oliver

Don’t get me wrong…I like my hands; they are surprisingly coordinated and strong, but they are just hands.  I got the utility model.  Still, they kind of define for me what hands should look like…until I see your mom’s hands.  We have been married for 30 years now and I still think her hands are just beautiful.  They are dainty and feminine, without being fragile. They are like a painting by one of the great masters.

I’m told the reason they are so appealing to me is that they are so different than my own.  Opposites attract.  They are just one of the many things that made me crazy about her during our teens.  I couldn’t get enough of her; all of her, her mannerisms, her features, even her way of seeing things.  The very things that attracted us to each other initially were our differences.

I’ve gone through some periods where I spent a lot of time being angry and pessimistic, but my personality always veers back toward optimism.  In that too, your mom couldn’t be more opposite.  She makes Eeyore look like a motivational speaker.  Her favorite saying is “Everything’s futile & life sucks when you’re us”.  To her, each new day is just one more chance for some butt-head to come along and screw up our life.  She asserts that any thinking individual should be able to look around and see all of the reasons why they should be depressed.

We couldn’t be more different.

As the newness of marriage begins to wear off, the differences that were once wonderful are no longer celebrated.  In fact, they can become an irritant and even a source of condemnation.  We begin to expect that the other will “mature” or “come around” and start to do and see things the same way we do.  After years of waiting, when it doesn’t happen, we are tempted to conclude that the other is defective and resentment sets in.

Then, love suffers.

I could judge your mother’s cyclical incursions into the depths of despair as a foolish endeavor that never accomplishes anything and she could see my optimism as evidence that her Dad was right and that I am not getting smarter with age.  But, she isn’t an office friend.  She isn’t a sibling.  She isn’t a boss.  She is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.  She is my best friend.  She is the love of my life.  I have come to realize that she isn’t defective because she doesn’t see things as I see them, so I shouldn’t feel the need to try to fix her.  I need to love her for who she is…the person I fell in love with.

When I accept that she is different – not defective – I am not tempted to ridicule or scold her when she is down. I make it my job to be there for her; to pick her up, to bring her back from the edge; to bring a little bit of sunshine into her life—not to criticize her for being there in the first place.

When we don’t see the other as defective, even though we are significantly different, we can get back to the most simple kind of relationship; one without so many complications and irritations.

Even after all these years, we still choose each other.  I’ve made the remark before, that even if we got a divorce we would probably still live together, because we truly are best friends.  We would just have separate bedrooms.  As bad as life might seem at times, we know it would be even worse if we had to go through life without the other.  We haven’t always allowed the other to be themselves, but we are getting better about it.  And, we are beginning to enjoy the differences again.  We are getting beyond the age where we feel the need to change the other.  We are beginning to not just accept each other, as we are, we are learning to once again find the appeal in those differences.

In your adult relationships, you will sometimes experience times that you wonder “Just what in the hell did I see in that person!”  Followed shortly thereafter by “What was I thinking!”  That is a sure sign that you have allowed harmful expectations to creep in; the kind of expectations that kill relationships.

When you find yourself in this position, go back and think about your love when your relationship was young.  Go back and find those things that drew you together initially, those differences that you now consider defects, and re-evaluate them.  Think about what you celebrated about the other.  Then, to find the appeal once again…you have to stop viewing the other as defective and once again appreciate the other for their unique characteristics.  If you will celebrate their strengths as well as embrace their differences, you can get your relationship back.

When your mother is complaining about crowded stores, the price of food and the utterly useless help carrying groceries, I no longer feel the need to insist that she “count her blessings”.  And, for her part, she no longer feels the need to hold up one of those beautiful little digits and proclaim, “You’re lucky I’ve got two arms full of groceries