Punch it Margret


The picture was a couple of winters ago.  That year we had around 154 inches of snow, or so we’ve been told.  I hate snow but I have to admit it was an awesome year.  At the time, I was not working for the Bird House.  I was helping Mr. M deliver mail.  Unfortunately, no amount of snow can stop the mail so we bundled up and left for work.  It was not long before we pulled up to a set of mailbox units.  I jumped out and put the mail into the respective boxes,  jumped back in the warm truck and make the comment of  how pretty this area was.  This is when I made a fatal error.  I asked, “What is up there?”  He says, “Let me show you.”  Mr. M is always excited to show me where he grew up.  So with a kooky smile, we were off.

We have a 4×4 so trudging around in the snow is not that big of a deal unless it is 4 feet high….which is was.  The area of interest was up a very steep hill and back in the forest.  Little did we know that the 4 feet of snow would soon turn into 6 feet. He kept fighting with the snow trying to get further back in the forest until we ran up a snowbank and that was that.  M gets out of the truck to assess the situation. We are stuck on a narrow road with a steep drop off on the passenger side…that would be my side.  Before we got stuck he was attempting to turn a corner so the truck was heading away from the cliff.   He tries pushing the rear of our 2 ton 4 wheel drive truck in a circle so we could drive out.  And as logic would dictate, it did not work.    He then tells me to get behind the wheel.  He says to put it in reverse and give it gas when he says go.  He then walks to the front of the truck and puts his shoulder into the grill and yells go.  I yelled back, “Are you crazy?  I will run over you for sure!”  All I could see was me backing over the edge and taking Mr. M over with me.   He practically screams at me, “JUST Punch it!”  I was instantly upset.  I slammed it into gear and I punched it!  Thank the lord above it did not work because I put it into gear alright, but I put it in DRIVE and he was in front of the truck pushing!  As soon as I realized what I did I felt like I was going to pee my pants.  I could have killed him and I was not going to let that information slip my lips.  I quickly put it in reverse and tried it again.  By now he is looking at me with disgust and wondering how in the world we are going to get out of this situation to finish our mail route.  The rest of the story is a little fuzzy but in the end we did indeed get out of the snowbank and turned around with Mr. M in one piece.

Contrary to what you may be thinking,  I did not do it on purpose just to prove how right I was.  Truly, I was in a daze and not thinking.  Between him pushing with all he had and the icy snow, my inability to run him over , did not cost him his life… this time.



Sweet, Weak and the Grill

I read a blog called Sweet and Weak. I thought I would try that concept on for size.

Sweet: Ahhhh, grilling season is finally here.

I love grilled veggies and fish, all the fresh foods that the warm weather brings, and eating it outdoors with nature up close and personal. The birds sound beautiful this time of year and all the baby critters are discovering their own backyards. Can’t get any better.

Weak: UGGG! Grilling season is here.

This is a google image. Not my grill. Mine was far, far worse

Having to find your grill amongst the over grown weeds then propping it up with whatever you can find is not the best way to start. I, having a beautiful dinner planned with sweet anticipation for that mouth-watering goodness that is sure to come; only to discover, SOMEONE forgot to fill the propane tanks. Impatiently waiting for Mr. M to return with the “go” juice my dilapidated grill needs to crank out that great dinner……..

The Grill

I sent Mr. M to get the grill’s propane tank refilled. After what felt like a day and a half, he comes home with a full tank and a top of the line Grill Master Pro Edition Grill complete with Jolly Green Giant grilling utensils.

This too is a google image. I am at work and unable to snap a photo. Just add another grill to the side and a cooling unit behind the doors. I am sure you get the idea.

When I saw him pulling up the drive with his ear to ear grin, I instantly became ANGRY. All I wanted was a little propane so he could cook…. not a whole dang new grill! You see I am totally into recycling. A firm believer in using what you have even if what you have is 12 years old, weather beaten, leaking grease, faded to white hood, hobbling on one wheel and leaning at a 45 degree angle. I am not the love ’em and leave ’em kind of gal. That old grill still worked and had at least another couple of years left in her. That is if I could figure out a way to keep the jerry-rigged replacement bottom from falling out again.

If truth be told, I rarely cooked on the grill. That area has always been Mr. M’s territory but tonight I was forced to cook on it or not eat at all. (the unpleasant result of my “Case of the Yells”) OH MY GOSH! Everything I made was fan-freaking-tastic! I even basted some of the veggies with butter and no fire flares! You have no idea how many times I have seen Mr. M walk back in the house with his eyebrows smoking or gone due to fire flares. (Hence, the reason I don’t do grills…ever) Chicken, asparagus, steak, shrimp and veggie kabobs good to the last bite. Corn so tender you could just look at it an it would pop open with juicy goodness. I felt like I was cooking for a banquet in heaven where everything was perfect. My mouth was in a continuous drool. The aroma was scrumptious. And when we sat down to eat everyone looked as if I was the Goddess of Culinary Divine. 🙂

Now I feel I need to use this platform to apologize for every dirty look, cross word, and the deadly silent treatment that I have dispensed on Mr. M for the last two days. (cough, cough, clear throat)

I was. I was. I was wr….wron…..wronggggg. He was right.

Dang, that makes twice in 21 years he has been right. I must be losing my touch!