The Southern Drawl

Country Man’s Wife‘s blog is so good this week and she added a little something at the bottom.  Two of her favorite blogger.  I fell in love with one and am eagerly awaiting the next post.  She’s a Maineiac.  Her post also gave me an idea for a post of my own.  And without further adieu:

The Maineiac made a “vlog” today.   For all us old farts, a “vlog” is a video blog.  I wish I were as brave as she.  Maineiac wondered about other people she interacted with on the computer.  Were they tall or  short?  What do they look like?  Do they talk with hands, eyes, feet or with an accent?  She got right on there and I was mesmerized.  I am not sure why.  Was it because the concept was so new and just so simple or was it the way she talked with her eyes?  Not sure.  A person’s accent. hmmm.   She talked a lot about it.  It got me to thinking about mine.

I live in the state of New Mexico.  But that has not always been the case.  I am a southern girl born and raised.  No really, southern.  I am way south, deep southern with an accent to match.  After a glass of wine, you can’t even understand a word I say.  Not due to being inebriated, it is more like being relaxed.   At that point, my accent becomes a cross between southern fried (and I mean fried) meets creole seasonin’ (I’m talkin’ gator hunters).  No offense intended, I have the deepest respect for fried chicken and gators.  Hubs has come to understand my accent and translates most of the time for me when we are  at parties, Navy Balls and family get togethers.  If it is too far out there even for him, he just reads my face.  Because not only is he an interpreter for the southern dialect he can also read facial expression, of which I have many.  I also have an infliction of sorts.  Whenever I am around folks that have a different accent or a peculiar mannerism, I tend to mirror it back.  NO I am not making fun of them at all.  I just copy what I see and hear.  I can’t help it. It only last for a little while after the encounter with that person and when ever I recant the conversation in my mind.  I don’t even know that I am doing it.  My husband and daughter hate it.  If we are at Wal-Mart and someone with an accent strikes up a conversation, they will just scoot off and leave me there.  They know my parrot-ism will kick into high gear and before you know it we will have an audience watching the show.  I have tried to rid myself of this curse but it is of no use.  Same as with my accent.  I even tried a speech therapist before I left the deep south for fear of not being able to obtain a job outside of my birthplace.  Anyone here will tell you that was a waste of money.  I guess I will be this way until the day I die.  I am just so happy I have the most wonderful boss in the world.  Did I mention she is and was born and raised in……………JAPAN.


side note:  I love this sharing thing.  Several blogs I have visited this month, included a link to one or two favorite blogs they frequent.  Plus this Blogger Award thingy, is awesome.  I love this because I am new here, just a bit over a month.  I have no idea what I am doing most of the time and no clue how to find blogs I love.  This way I can take the ones that found me, or the ones I stumbled upon and check out their favorites.  I know what you are thinking, that is what a blogroll is for. But if the person you love to read takes the time to mention another blogger, it sets them apart and makes you want to read them.  Some I found I  loved, others, not so much.  But that is okay because there is no good without the not so good.


21 thoughts on “The Southern Drawl

  1. I’m new to blogging too – only been here a month and a bit. But isn’t it great to read about people from all over the world. Liked your blog 🙂

  2. I have dropped enough G’s in my lifetime to make a chain across North Carolina, I think.

    The times are changing though. When we go into a restaurant these days, we’re as apt to be asked what “you guys” want to drink as what are “y’all” drinking.

    I’d love to be able to imitate accents. I think I’d start with Irish.

    • Well hey there Mary Lee, So happy to see you here. You are right about the changing times. Ahh, and Irish accent is my second favorite. It used to be my first, that is, until I went to work for my Japanese boss. I swear I try so very hard to control this habit I have but when you don’t even know that you are doing it, it makes it almost impossible to stop. Thank God she understands.

  3. OK, now you have made me curious to hear your voice! You must do a vlog – or at least get some video of those cute little pooches so we can hear you, if you are feeling camera shy!! I do video on my blog’s facebook page but I have yet to get in one myself, only because I cant be trusted to walk, hold the camera and talk at the same time!

    p.s. Welcome to the world of blogging. I’m relatively new myself – since January, but if I can help you in any way, give me a holla!

    • Howdy LLLL, I am afraid I am one of those old dogs on the porch. I have NO clue how to put a video on anything. Well I think I can work a video camera but that is about as far as I go. Do I need a special program to upload it? I am very curious but I would prefer to remain in the back ground. It is like I told Sweet Ridge Sisters I am afraid I’m only brave behind the keys of a keyboard and in person. I am giving serious thought to video taping some of my friends and neighbors imitating how I say words. It is even funnier coming out of their mouths. I know because they mirror back a lot of the more twangy words I say.

  4. Whoa! there Mrs Kibble…what’s this? Trying to erase your Southern accent by going to a speech therapist. No NO No…be proud of what you are and who you are and where you came from. It’s other people’s fault if they cannot understand you.
    well for someone who has only been blogging for a month you are doing pretty damn good..well done and keep it up..the accent as well as the blogging

    • I am afraid I have no choice in the matter Ms P. I am stuck with this crazy accent. I often ask Hubs if it gets on his nerves. I could not believe his answer considering everything gets on his nerves. He said…..Nope. He is a man of few words. 🙂

  5. I love your blog post and hope that you become brave and do a vlog yourself so we can hear that deep southern fried accent. So glad to have you in the blogging world! Come on over and check out the sweet ridge sisters sometime if you get a chance. -kate

    • I am afraid I am only brave behind the keys of a keyboard and in person. No one wants to look at this ugly mug of mine. Maybe a slide show with audio only? Who knows? Oh wait! I got it. I can video tape some of my friends and neighbors imitating how I say words. That would be a hoot! I am off to lunch then over to Sweet Ridge Sister 🙂

  6. I also tend to mimic people’s speech pattern. I can’t help it. Years ago, I sat between two stutterers in a business meeting. I made a complete fool out of myself. They are probably still traumatized.

  7. My Favorite place on Earth is in New Mexico….. Red River! I go there every summer and swear to God that I WILL retire there and will be scattered there when I die…… You live anywhere near that little slice of heaven? 🙂

    • No, I am due south almost to the border of TX. I am at an elevation of 9000 ft. so it makes it feel like Red Rock a lot of the time. Ya Know it is funny, before I moved here I could not wait to make this place my home. Now that I have been here for a while I can’t wait to go on vacation. HA Reason? population 701but everyone of them are great in there own way. :/

  8. my digital camera has a video function, and the same software i use to upload pics, will upload videos too. WordPress will allow you to embed videos in your blog but i think its an extra 59.00 a year, and being that I am somewhat new to it as well, I didn’t invest in that yet. I have uploaded to youtube (free) and posted a link to my blog. I also have a facebook page for my blog and upload videos for free there!

  9. Sorry…I am falling down on my job…. I thought I had added your blog to my blogroll a while back but notice I had not…. you have been added! 🙂

  10. This post is just TOO funny! After “gettin’ into” the whole scented soap experience, I did not expect the toe experiment. So funny. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog too. I definitely will stop by again!

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